I caved yesterday and called my OB’s office for a doppler appointment today.  My ability to manage my anxiety lasts just about a week, and then it starts to get the best of me.   

The heartrate was a strong 153, and there were lots of kicks and karate-punches being thrown in the background, judging from all the static we were hearing.  My OB held the wand perfectly still to demonstrate how active wee-beastie was this morning; I was impressed that I could not feel a thing.

My ultra-screen results were fantastic: I bottomed the odds out at <10,000 odds for trisomy 18 and 21.  The combination of bloodwork and the ultrasound are over 90% accurate, so this is very good news.  The only other screening test (aside from the routine ones like glucose) is an AF protein test at the end of the second trimester.  I am not going to do an amnio as my risks for complications far outweigh my risks of any abnormality.   

My OB is okay with me getting a home doppler, as long as I promised not to obsess over the details.  She thought it might ease my anxiety, and that is always a good thing.  My thyroid is also behaving, so all the bone-crushing fatigue was just pregnancy and the fact that I was subsisting on a spectacularly crappy diet.   

I have felt cramping off and on, and she is quite sure it is just things stretching.  I can just barely feel my uterus above my pubic bone, although I look like I have a pronounced tummy as I have a bulge right at belly-button level. 

My next OB appointment is a week from Friday, and then we get to schedule the 18-20 week anatomy scan, or what I am now going to refer to as the “he-beastie or she-beastie scan de luxe.” 



January 22, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Farah replied:

    your ob is so good to you! Good luck on the “he-beastie or she-beastie scan de luxe.”

  2. Ashley Bass replied:

    I am glad your OB is so great with letting you come in when your getting worried! I can imagine your really looking forward to the anatomny scan. I had mine today and it was just amazing. As for the round cramping, I have had alot since day 1. My Ob has assured me it is just round ligament pain. It seems to be worse during a growth spurt.

  3. Wendy replied:

    I too am glad that your OB is letting you come in for doppler checks. Go ahead and get one yourself. I had one and loved it!

  4. babystep replied:

    Yay, I am SO Happy for you, and the results are fantastical!

  5. Pili replied:

    Anything to reassure yourself when the anxiety rises, that’s what I say. Of course, it could become one of those electronic addictions that’s harder to break than say – checking email and blogs, or Tetris.

    How is it going back to classes? Thank God the nausea has subsisted. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to concentrate, and be so on stage when your insides are all churning uncomfortably.

  6. ali replied:

    Congrats – it sounds like things are very, very good!

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