The Sound … of Static

My doppler came in the mail and I freakin’ love it. 


It is so worth the $20 a month to be able to hear wee-beastie’s heart SWOOSH-WOOSHING whenever I want.  At first, it was a little difficult to find over my own heartbeat, but now I can find its little heart-beat in a few seconds. 

The only “problem” (if, after two miscarriages, you can even call this a “problem”) is that wee-beastie does not like staying still.  As soon as I locate that little SWOOSH-WOOSHING, s/he moves away and/or kicks, which makes an awful thump-y, static-y noise.  I could just lay around all day and listen to that little heartbeat, but apparently humoring me and staying still is just too much to ask.  

I ordered mine through (a big that you to Vacant Womb for the recommendation and the coupon code!!) and I am very, very pleased.  I rented it for three months, so hopefully by the time my contract expires, wee-beastie will be discernibly kicking away.     

I also had to do the unthinkable this week:

I had to ask for maternity leave for next fall. 

More on that later. 


January 26, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Anns replied:

    Yay — congrats on the doppler!
    I ordered one but it never arrived and then I cursed out the company I ordered it from (not babybeat)… yada yada yada… long story short I don’t have one. The good news is that The Package is now kicking up a storm so that’s comforting for me now.

    Enjoy your swooshes!

  2. Ashley Bass replied:

    Woo hoo! :] Glad the doppler is giving you peace of mind. If your wanting to mail it back after the three months, you should really be able to hear the HB through a stethoscope by that point. They are cheaper. You can get one for like $10. I was thinking about stealing my moms. He he. Just for when the little one likes to quit moving on me for a couple days in a row… It freaks me out, but I know its perfectly normal for this point in my pregnancy.

  3. Rachel replied:

    Oh, man. I’d be chasing the cats around with it, just for fun.

  4. Paula replied:

    Hi there,

    Wendy Gill sent me to your blog. I’m currently suffering my 3rd miscarriage. I had one years ago at 7.5wks, a healthy son born almost 2 years ago, another m/c at 14wks in july, and I’m going through my 3rd now at 5wks. I’m a POAS addict as wel as an early tester like you so when I got the faintest of faint positives 8dpo on dollar tree I freaked. I continued to see the samae line for 5 days until 12dpo when i had my beta done and it was a 7! Imagine my confusion. I even made hubby pee on one to make sure he didn’t get a line. And it was not an evap line either! So the nurse basically said you are having a chemical preg and expect AF on time. She didn’t come and had my betas done again at 16dpo to find out they went up to 74! YES! Then again at 19dpo and they are back down to 51 😦 The bleeding hasn’t started yet but I know its coming. Anyhow, I’ve read back a little ways into your blog and I’m hoping you will have some recommendations for me as far as questions to ask, maybe doctors to see?


  5. babystep replied:

    Hi MC! I am glad you got the doppler, have fun with it. And Wee Beastie sounds like a fiesty little one!!!

  6. Ashley Bass replied:

    Aren’t you suppose to find out soon if your having a she or he beastie? You must be enjoying that doppler way to much to even have time to post!

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