It’s Not Gas

When I told my OB that I felt “bubbles on the inside” a few weeks ago, she nodded and smiled.  When I told my midwife (who works for my OB) the same thing a few weeks later, when I was 16 weeks, she told me she thought it was probably just gas. 

I am an expert on two things in this world: the topic of my dissertation and, thanks to chronic ulcerative colitis, the workings of my lower GI system.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t gas.  She explained that your intestines get moved all around when your uterus grows and things feel different.  Also, many first-time pregnant mothers do not recognize movement until week 20.  Still.   

Well, I am at 18.5 weeks and I really do think it is wee-beastie kicking or punching or whatever s/he is doing in there.  Right.  On.  My.  Bladder. 

My friend Maya, who is four, explained last night, with her hand on my stomach, that she could feel the baby.  “Really?” Mr. MC asked.  “What is the baby doing?” I asked.

She kept her hand on my stomach (“Is it all poofed out because there is a baby in there?” she had asked) and took a minute to think.

“Well,” she replied authoritatively, “it’s cooking eggs.”

So there.  It wasn’t gas.  Wee-beastie was cooking eggs. 


February 12, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Sam replied:

    What a talented wee-beastie-already cooking up breakfast!

  2. Caro replied:

    I’m sure you’re feeling the wee-beastie. I’m a first timer too and have been feeling stuff that definitely wasn’t gas since I was 13 weeks.

  3. niobe replied:

    Yay for wee beastie!

  4. leanne replied:

    Sounds like wee-beastie gymnastics to me — or rather wee-beastie cooking eggs! Too funny.

  5. Meg replied:

    Very cute. You should ask her is it is a girl or a boy. This little girl McKenzie I nanny has guessed the sex of 4 women’s pregnancies and she has been right every time!!

  6. aspiring baker replied:

    I’ve been feeling my wee beastie since about 15 weeks, though my partner could only start to feel it through the skin the other day. I’m sure you know what you’re feeling.

  7. Jensational replied:

    I’m at 17 weeks and I don’t think I can feel it . . . but since 15 weeks, my dog has taken to sleeping RIGHT on my belly so I feel like perhaps she’s a magical chihuahua who can feel the baby kicks even though I can’t.

  8. Ashley Bass replied:

    Lol, well, I started feeling obvious baby movements at 16 weeks and I am a first time mom. I know plenty of woman who feel the movements as early as 14 weeks. It all depends on how your shaped, I think.

  9. Kona replied:

    Awesome! It’s such an awesome feeling to feel your baby!
    😉 That is cute that your baby is a chef.

  10. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    I’m very impressed with the wee beastie’s culinary skills, making use of whatever it can find in your reproductive area. And I’ve known women who felt some movement at 14 weeks, so screw anyone who says it’s gas 🙂

  11. Rachel replied:

    K, you are hilarious – eggs were available, right? At least the wee beastie wasn’t cooking liver, or beans! 🙂

  12. babystep replied:

    Scrambled, poached or over easy?

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