Bitter, Bitchy, Barfy

I was told if I could just hold out until week 16 that the nausea and vomiting would all go away.  I am well into week 19 and I am STILL puking and still nauseous.  This is not to the same degree as before, but still.  I think this phase of it may have something to do with my cold and my job stress, which are also both migraine triggers, but I honestly did think it would magically all just disappear and never return.  I sound like a bitter pregnant bitch, I know.  I am trying not to be bitter.  I just really can’t believe I am still having to pop Zofran several times a day to hold back the pukes.   

I have also only gained 4 lbs.  Four.  I know that bitching about not gaining a lot of weight in pregnancy does not illicit much sympathy, but I am worried.  I actually only lost two pounds during Pukeapalooza (that I did not lose more is a testament to my body’s miraculous fat-binding abilities considering how very little I was actually holding down), so I guess I have really gained 6 lbs, but I fear this is not enough for 19 weeks.  My OB is not concerned, but I am.  I am not asking to gain a lot of weight; I guess just need reassurance that everything is fine in wee-beastie land.  I am also worried because I think a lot of the weight gain is in my boobs.  Nothing much happened in the first trimester boob-wise, but now things are really a changin’.  “The Girls” have gone on a real growth spurt in the past few weeks, and I need to get refitted for a bra.  I don’t know that I am ready for the whole maternity/nursing bra route just yet, so I think I will just invest in some regular bras (well, as “regular” as you can be in a 38DDD) for the short-term.  I am genuinely afraid to see how big they continue to get. 

Speaking of wee-beastie land, I am thinking of asking my OB to move up my anatomy scan.  Right now it is scheduled for the 29th of February, and I really do feel I might just crack by then.  A small part of the anxiety of it is finding out the sex; a much larger part is confirmation that wee-beastie is growing and healthy.  Even with my doppler, I still worry.  Even with the internal hokey-pokey, I still worry.  I am scared to be too optimistic, even at this point.  I will be 20 weeks on Thursday, so perhaps my OB’s office will move it up to this week?

The good news is that it looks like I will get fall semester off for maternity leave and then I will be able to teach the next two semesters part-time on “research leave.”  Granted, at some point I have to crank out a book manuscript from my dissertation research (oh, THAT), but I am so relieved that Mr. MC and I will not have to put wee-beastie in daycare until s/he is well over a year old.  The though of handing my as-of-yet-unborn infant over to someone else for hours on end makes me want to dissolve into tears.       



February 17, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Jensational replied:

    I’m so sorry you’re in puke city. Think of it this way? Maybe since you’re in misery now you’ll be blessed with a baby that sleeps through the night instantly 🙂

    As for weight gain, I’m at 18 weeks and have gained 2 pounds. I also freaked out with my OB and she said “I have never once had to tell any patient that they need to gain more weight. Don’t worry, it will all change at some point for you and you’ll gain it all very quickly.” So I’m going to take her word for it.

  2. Ashley Bass replied:

    On the weight gain issue, I lost 20 pounds in my first trimester. I am STILL under my pre-pregnancy weight. I did not puke ONCE. So…I honestly wouldn’t worry at all! My OB is not even a bit concerned. As long as everything has checked out well so far, and your belly measurements show your growing in that area, I don’t see any reason for concern.

    I am jealous of the boobs! Mine are still just the wimpy 36C they were before! At least my weight loss didn’t come from that area, huh?

    On the gender, if the wise tale holds true, it is a girl. They say that your most sick and your boobs grow with a girl. :] I guess we shall see! Keep us posted if your appointment is moved up. I am so anxious to hear if you see a hamburger or hotdog! ;]

  3. babystep replied:

    So funny how you wanted to lose weight before conceiving, and now look! Things are going so well, I am so happy for you. You are almost 1/2 way there! Yahoo!

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