Curses, Foiled Again

My kid is very modest.  Or stubborn.  Or both.

I moved the 20-week anatomy scan up from the 29th to today because yesterday I had a rough day.  With hindsight, it was the beer-cheese soup (it is a Midwestern thing — it sounds gross but really is very good) I had for lunch, but I spent most of the afternoon doubled over in the bathroom with horrible diarrhea and even more horrible cramps.  Thanks to having ulcerative colitis for years, I was pretty sure the cramps were all lower GI (which is why I moved the scan up instead of driving to the hospital), but it is still really scary to cramp that much and be 20 weeks pregnant.  No bleeding, no fluid, but I still wanted to see wee-beastie with my own eyes.   

I called my OB’s office and they got me in today, just for the reassurance. 

I had horrible nightmares all night about sick babies and dead babies and how somehow I had done something to cause a sick/dead baby, so by the time we got to the hospital this morning, I was emotionally spent.  Pregnancy dreams are more vivid, but all the more horrifying when they are about sad or terrifying things.   

After two miscarriages, all I want is a healthy baby.  I was just really, really hoping to find out the sex today to help make this whole thing feel a bit more real.  I am still not able to grasp the fact that I AM HAVING A BABY.  Intellectually, I get it.  Emotionally, I just feel a disconnect with the fact that I could be holding my child in July.  Knowing the sex would allow me to better able to see wee-beastie as a future person, at least that was the plan.         

The measurements, at least the ones the technician could get, are all good: brain, heart, femur, head, etc….  Wee-beastie, however, was having none of this “looking at my bits” part.  S/he sat, cross-legged, tushie down, and refused to budge.  Judging from the heartrate of 140, which is usually around 160 when s/he moves around at night, I think we interrupted a nap — a cross-legged, butt-wedged-into-the-bottom-of-my-uterus nap.  How very rude of us!! 

They need some more measurements for some organs/appendages they missed and, obviously, we want to know they sex.  The nurse said the standard protocol is to reschedule in 6 to 8 weeks.  6 to 8 weeks???  I am going to beg my midwife for something earlier.  Then I am going to have a long chat with wee-beastie about how usually in life it is rather inappropriate to show your genitals to anyone who wants to look, but this is a notable exception and that mommy, daddy, and the utltrasound tech just want a quick little peak, and then s/he can go back to perfecting his/her omlette recipes.     


February 22, 2008. Colitis is Fun (Not), Pregnancy #3.


  1. niobe replied:

    Sending lots of leg-uncrossing vibes. How frustrating!

  2. Kona replied:

    Your baby sounds very cozy in there and not wanting to move! LOL. Good luck for next time.Maybe baby will cooperate then? Hope your tummy feels better, too. 😉

  3. Rachel replied:

    Wee-beastie is grounded for not cooperating. No egg-making for a week. 🙂

  4. Calliope replied:

    still coming to terms with the concept of beer-cheese soup…
    Hope you can get another scan soon so you can get another Wee-beastie show (& hopefully a tell!)


  5. leanne replied:

    Hope your chat with wee-beastie does the trick! And hope you get to find out with another scan soon!

  6. Ms Planner replied:

    Oh, how frustrating and I so know what you mean about wanting to know the gender so you can connect with the baby. The silver lining is that you get another u/sound in a few weeks! Glad to know all is going well, except for the still-present nausea. Ugh!

  7. Ashley Bass replied:

    Were you able to get a sooner u/s?! I am dying to know if it is a she beastie or a he beastie!

  8. artsweet replied:

    C’mon Wee Beastie. Your Aunties are itching to start their shopping fingers. Spread those legs kiddo!

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