“Burn Baby Burn”

Last Sunday, it really started to burn when I peed.  (I pee A LOT these days, so it was especially annoying and painful.)  My pregnancy books were emphatic that if you thought you might be getting a UTI you had to “GO TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY OR YOU COULD GET A KIDNEY INFECTION AND THIS COULD CAUSE YOU TO GO INTO PREMATURE LABOR.”  I was waiting for my OB’s office to open first thing Monday morning.

It is routine to also do “vaginal cultures” along with urine cultures, so I got the royal treatment.  Everything burned and the pelvic was expecially painful.  I have had UTIs before and my OB and I were both sure this was the cause of the pain, so she started me on an antibiotic.  Then … all the cultures came back negative.  They told me to finish out the antibiotic because I was feeling better and there was a chance the cultures missed something.

I feel like a nut — how could “nothing” burn so much?  I swear I am not tying to be a drama queen.   


I made the splurge and bought wee-beastie some white cotton kimono t-shirts.  S/he will be born in July, so warm, fuzzy clothes are completely unnecessary for the few few months.  This was a big step — I now have a tangible link to the future wee-beastie as a newborn.


Yesterday, after weeks of trying, Mr. MC was finally able to feel wee-beastie kicking.  I love feeling the kicks and movement, but it was a little annoying while my bladder was so sore.  Now that I am feeling better, it is so cool that he can feel them, too. 


I leave for ten days in Europe (3 major cities; 2 countries) with seven students next Friday.  Mr. MC can’t go, so this will be a working “babymoon.”  At least I will not be tempted to buy adorable gender-specific baby stuff.


I am having Braxton-Hicks contractions every now and then.  The first few scared the crap out of me, but my doctor assured me these are perfectly normal at this point in pregnancy.  They are not painful, but there is a very distinct sense of tightening that can be uncomfortable.  If I lay down and drink water, they do eventually go away.     


March 1, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Ashley Bass replied:

    Sorry to hear about the “burn”! I hope it clears up soon

  2. niobe replied:

    Hoping you feel well enough to be able to enjoy your continental tour. And maybe, if you’re up to it, you can pick up a few cool European baby things.

  3. Kona replied:

    Glad you are feeling better. 😉 High five for buying the white baby kimono shirts!! I know what a big step it is. I had a hard time buying stuff too. It’s great to hear you enjoying your We Beastie. Having DH share by feeling the kicks is so special. Enjoy! ;-)Also- enjoy your working babymoon. DH & I took a babymoon/anniversary trip at 23 weeks & it was heavenly. Maybe you can squeeze in a nonworking babymoon for you & DH sometime before Wee Beastie’s EDD? 😉

  4. Kath replied:

    Dear MC, I am so sorry I’ve been away so long, and so thrilled to hear that everything is going so well with this pregnancy! (For the wee beastie, at least. The puking and the pain, of course, I’m sure you could easily do without…)

    Good for you for getting the first baby things! I’m sure your heart was in your throat, but it’s wonderful to be able to look at the clothes and feel things become a bit more real. Although that general sense of unreality is all but impossible to shake…

    I hope the Europe trip goes wonderfully well and that there is some fun in it for you. If France is on the itinerary, do sneak out to a baby store if there’s any way you can — the French make the cutest baby clothes ever. 😉

  5. Wendy replied:

    WOW! I am so glad that things are going so well, other than the annoying bladdder stuff. If you are going to be in London, you have to check out Boden, particularly Mini Boden as they have some of the cutest clothes known to mankind. I buy a lot for katie and Gillian there. I can’t wait to hear about your trip! It sounds awesome!

  6. Liz replied:

    I’m glad the bladder thing is clearing up. Have fun in Europe!!!

  7. Farah replied:

    Checking on you – it’s been a while. I hope you and wee beastie are well

  8. Ashley Bass replied:

    I hope everything is going well! It has been very silent…

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