The Hokey-Pokey

Having never been this pregnant before, I don’t know how much a “normal” baby moves, but wee-beastie seems to be one active little bugger.  The obvious things make him/her do the hokey-pokey like post-meal glucose bliss, but almost everything (save for my lectures, which is apparently nap time) seems to induce a major fit of the wiggles.  A major trigger?  Mr. MC singing to my stomach.  It is very cool to feel the movement but sometimes feeling the BA-BOING and seeing my entire stomach bounce up and down is a little weird. 

On the 31st I have an appointment with my OB and we may try another ultrasound as well, or at least we will schedule one.  SHE-beastie or HE-beastie?  The mystery remains unsolved — stay tuned.     

The nausea and puking have resumed, which I can hopefully attribute to my impending cold.  I have the sore throat — THE sore throat that you only get when you are getting sick — and it is making me super-gaggy.  I have also completely lost my appetite and when I don’t eat, I get very nauseous.  Against my will (I HATE to miss class) I cancelled class and am going back to bed for the afternoon. 

Continuing worry: why have I still only gained 4 lbs. when I am 24 weeks pregnant?  The tummy is growing, so the baby is presumably growing, right?       

I am going to try and eat something, lay down, and then coach my child on the finer points of jazz hands while in utero.   


March 25, 2008. Pregnancy #3.

One Comment

  1. Farah replied:

    glad for movements- boohiss for more nausea. So sorry for that

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