The baby, per the ultrasound this morning, is measuring at just about 25w3d on all important measurements so things are, in the words of Mr. MC, “perfect.”  I am 25w today, so things are even a little ahead of schedule.  I am so relieved that everytime I think about it, I start to cry.  I am now just going to make sure I get a lot of lean protein in my diet, and then not worry about my lack of weight gain.  The baby is fine.  The baby is good.  The baby is “perfect.”

Oh, and we now know: wee-beastie is a HE-beastie!! 

A boy?! 

Mr. MC and I were so sure it was a girl, we are both still in shock.  A boy!  A HE-BEASTIE!!   

The only one who knew, apparently, was my four-year old friend Maya.  

Our conversation on Easter:  

MC: “Hey Maya, do you think the baby in my tummy is a girl or a boy?”

Maya: “It’s a boy.”

MC: “Really?  A boy?  Are you sure it is not a girl?”

Maya: “It’s a boy” (slightly annoyed at having to repeat her very obvious statement of fact). 

MC: “Wouldn’t it be fun to have a girl, though?  You could show her all the cool things about being a girl!!”

Maya: “Yeah, that would be fun. . . .”  (pause) . . . but it’s a boy.”

Behold the intuitive power of four-year olds. 


March 27, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Farah replied:

    Congrats on a He-Beastie!! How Exciting! I think it’s the year of the Boy!

    I am glad all things He-beastie are going well and you are feeling less anxious!

    Maybe we should consult the 4 yr old more!

  2. Megan replied:

    Hooray! I’m glad your little guy is doing so well.

  3. Rachel replied:


  4. Rachel replied:

    Glad to hear they got you in early and that everything is OK. Congrats on the baby being a he!

  5. Calliope replied:

    phew! & congrats on the He discovery!

  6. artsweet replied:


  7. Meg replied:

    So you were the first blog I began reading this past fall…I was crushed yesterday. I am so happy that everything is okay with your boy(!) and that you have a perfect score….

    I am telling you, those little ones know every time!

  8. Wendy replied:

    I am so relived right along with you! A boy! Now, what about names? LOL! I am so nosey!

  9. Ms Planner replied:

    A son! Congratulations to both of you and I am SO GLAD to hear that everything is okay with the weight gain (or lack thereof). Unnerving as it may be, it will be easy to take the baby weight off. YAY!

  10. Anns replied:

    ‘Tis the season of boys I tell you – EVERYONE’s having ’em. Congrats on joining the blue-crew. Now, we’re really gonna have to call up those baby-clothes companies and ask them to expand the options for our little men!

  11. Kona replied:

    Congrats on learning it’s a He! 😉

  12. niobe replied:

    I know all about being absolutely, positively sure that I was having a girl and being shocked to learn I was having a boy. It took me a while to get used to the idea, but (I guess I can say this, since he’s practically all grown up) he seems to have turned out pretty well.


  13. missingone replied:

    I’m really hoping for you all! Congrats on finding out it’s a he-beastie!

  14. holly replied:

    Boys are wonderful!

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