Um, Hey, Wanna Get Dinner?

I feel a bit pervy even asking this, but here goes:

Anyone in the NYC area want to grab dinner with me on Saturday, 12 April? 

I am going to be in the city, Mr. MC can’t come with me, my best friend in NYC moved to LA, the people I am meeting up with do not arrive until Sunday, and I am DYING to go eat real Neopolitan Pizza at Pizza Fresca.  I can always go alone, of course, with a good book, but who wants to dine alone on glorious food when you can have company and bitch about infertility, pregnancy loss, and pregancy after a loss, right?   

The rest of Saturday will be spent getting a facial, shopping for something maternity-ish and fancy-ish to wear later that weekend, and trying not to buy a ton of cute baby stuff that we do not need (but I do kind of want even though I am currently having a strong reaction to the “baby-as-accessory” phenonmenon). 

Leave me a comment if you are interested!?   


April 5, 2008. Other Links.


  1. Meg replied:

    If by NYC you actually mean Denver…I am totally in!

    Have fun pampering yourself and I totally get trying to balance the necessities with with baby splurge items.

  2. babystep replied:

    I WISH. Ironically my husband is in NYC this week. Wish I could swap places with him!!

  3. Kona replied:

    Sounds fun! I wish I lived closer 😉 Have a good time!

  4. niobe replied:

    Um…if I weren’t (sigh) here, I would so be there.

  5. Ashley Bass replied:

    I hope your able to find someone to go to dinner with this weekend. If only I were even close to NYC!

  6. babystep replied:

    Did you meet anyone in NYC?

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