Eat. Sleep. Shop.

Yes, it would have been better if Mr. MC had been able to join me.

Yes, it would have been better if I had been able to meet Alice (of Into the Rabbit Hole).

Yes, it would have been better if I had not had to deal with a wicked migraine.

Still, I had a great weekend in NYC.

I ate delicious food (the pizza restaurant was amazing — I almost cried it was so good) and then discovered the joys of pregnancy-induced heartburn.  Regardless, it was worth it.  I even had (GASP!!) a glass of wine with my awesome Italian food, because the water I was drinking was just not doing it justice.  (I had, however, previously asked for my OB’s permission because I am that sort of annoying patient.)

I slept in the mornings until I woke up and then went to bed whenever I wanted.  Clearly, I need a lot of sleep because I never woke up before noon.  It was wonderful.  My hotel was just a few blocks off of Broadway, but my room was so quiet I could not hear a thing from the street.

I shopped, and since Mr. MC wasn’t there, I did all my girl-y shopping: maternity dress, shoes (ON SALE!!), purses, over-priced salon products, etc….  I had a manicure and pedicure at Bliss salon.  I had a pregnancy massage and a pregnancy facial at the Edamame spa.  I lack the vocabulary to describe how utterly delicious pregnancy pampering is.

Some random things I discovered:

1) He-beastie is a very active little fetus.  He also likes shopping on the Upper-East Side, juding from the increased quantity of movement.  He also likes it when I eat, lay down, or look at expensive art that I can not possibly afford in this lifetime.

2) Maternity stores are still evil.  They are filled with happy, glowing pregnant women and annoying, bitchy salesladies who make me uncomfortable.  “Destination Maternity” on Madison Avenue manages to pack three stores of them into one building, all carrying clothes at different price points.  Two of them (A Pea in the Pod and Mimi Maternity) do not carry XL sizes, as the stupid skinny liitle anorexic bitch sales lady informed me.  You sell maternity clothes and you don’t carry XL?  Really?? The one time I need a nice dress, and I am left with the low-end line (Motherhood Maternity) that only sells 100% polyester or 100% cotton jersey dresses.  I found one that worked after I threw a black jacket over it, thankfully.

3) I have chloasma on my face.  It was weird to have freckles on my nipples, but aparently all the new freckles on my face are the beginnings of the “mask of pregnancy.”  Harmless, and much less annoying than pukeapalooza or the heartburn, but I still bought the lightening cream.

4) My migraines are partially caused by hormones and, according to the woman who gave me my pregnancy massage, the fact that my neck is a bloody mess (my words, not hers).  It is painfully tight, and while the massage helped, it was only a short-term fix.  I found a massage therapist here who does pregnancy massage, so I think I am going to have to start going more often.  Having 2-3 migraines a week is not fun.

Tomorrow I am 28 weeks pregnant.  7 months.  Holy crapola.


April 17, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Farah replied:

    Lane bryant has a few nice choices – it’s a lil step up from motherhood if you are looking for an xl- That is where I found a suitable dress.

    Congrats on 28 weeks and a fantastic time in NYC

  2. Meg replied:

    Thank you so much for your post. It moved me up a few notches and I cannot thanks you enough.

  3. babystep replied:

    Hey MC – welcome back. I am so happy you had a great trip, sounds fantastic. I can’t believe you are already 28 weeks!!

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