One Point

Actually, I have a lot of points to make, but let’s not dwell on all those other points.  Let’s, instead, focus on the one point that pushed me over edge of my glucose tolerance test.  The cut-off was 130 and I was (do the math! do the math!) … 131.


Now, I am not too worried, especially because we realized today that I had just probably not fasted the appropriate amount of time.  My OB’s office told me not to eat/drink after midnight, an order to which I dutifully complied.  I drank the liquid at 7:15AM and had my blood drawn at 8:15AM, which is only 8.25 hours of fasting as I had a bowl of Coco Krispies just before midnight.  The lab today told Mr. MC that you need to fast for 10-12 hours to get an accurate reading.


Given the risks, I understand why they are moving to the 3-hour diagnostic test.  Still.  Ugh.  Frack.

On more optimistic note, we finally registered at the dreaded baby megastore (alternate names: “Parents R Suckers;” “Babies R Expensive;” or “Fetuses R Consumers?”)  I have allowed a shower to be scheduled at the end of May.  We are also going to childbirth classes on May 2nd and 3rd.  The world thinks I am actually having a baby or something?!?

He-beastie’s non-cooperative nature has also landed us another ultrasound on May 2nd.  He still, after two post-20 week ultrasounds, refuses to show the nice ultrasound lady the lower part of his spine.  They want confirmation that his spine is healthy before clearing me for a vaginal delivery.  I am pretty sure everything is fine if he can sleep with his toes on his forehead, but I am always game for another ultrasound.  I also gained 2 lbs. in 2 weeks, so they are no longer concerned with growth issues, even though I am carrying “small.”     


April 21, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. vannfam replied:

    WOW- Lucky Us huh – Good Luck tomorrow for the both of us. And yes knowing all things baby are fine – makes this test just blah for me. We can do this in style!

    But 131 .. are you serious . that is DUMB to make you do over!

  2. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    It does seem silly (albeit understandable) to have to do the three-hour when you’re only over the cutoff by 1, especially when you may not have fasted long enough, but I suppose they have to draw a line somewhere. Super annoying.

    I hope the he-beastie cooperates with the u/s tech this time, as I would fear that at this point a failure to cooperate might lead them to refuse to clear you, which would, well, suck.

    Best wishes with all of it.

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