The Girls

Writing about gestational diabetes is boring, so let’s write about something less boring: boobs! 

I have not had to size up in a bra yet this pregnancy.  I have made do with the bra extenders but I suspect that sometime in the near future  I am going to have to invest in new maternity/nursing bras.

The problem is that the only maternity store in the area sucks.  Really sucks.  I had the lady (the one lady that seems to work there) measure me a few weeks ago and she measured me smaller than I actually am now.  Aside from the sizing issue, their bras were awful and flimsy.  There was no way they were going to hold the girls now, let alone in a milk-engorged state.

I really like high quality bras and I see the higher cost as an investment in my comfort.  (They also tend to last much, much longer, as long as you hand wash them.)  Pre-pregnancy #3, since I know my size, I just usually ordered them off the internet.  The question is, though, what do I do about a nursing/maternity bra?  Do I order one in one size up via the internet?  Do I wait to measure until I am in labor and then quickly place an internet order?  How much bigger will they get?  Do I just go up a cup size?  The hospital suggests you bring 2-3 nursing bras to the hospital, so most women must buy them before they have their baby, right?  Lastly, is it wrong to buy maternity bras off the internet without ever being fitted? 



April 26, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Sam replied:

    Although there may be a rule of thumb here, you can never tell for sure what will happen to the girls. I was a B cup, up to a big C during nursing, then stopped nursing and POW! down to an A cup. I would purchase 2-3 on the Internet and pay attention to the return policy. You can always ship them back if they don’t fit. And dear lord do not skimp on the nursing bra if you don’t have to, you will likely be spending more time with your girls than you ever anticipated.

  2. Farah replied:

    ugh bra’s.. i dislike them. I think Sam hs great ideas. Good luck with ordering them.

  3. Rachel replied:

    Before pregnancy I was a 36 D or DD. My nursing bra is a 38 H! Yes, that is a h. The brand I have is Anita which is European I think, so the sizing is different. I ended up buying cheapies for the hospital and then buying real bras after my milk came in. We do have a great store here though. If you order ahead of time online just make sure you can return them.

  4. liz replied:

    I had great luck with ordering a Bravada sports type bra for the hospital. They are sized S-M-L so it is easier to get a correct size. I bought 3 of those and waited until my milk came in. Once that happend I went to a large dpeartment store and was fitted. I didn’t buy anything there, but instead went home and ordered on line. Many websites (the one I like best is nursing mother supplies or something close to that) have great instructions on how to measure yourself and order the correct size (My SIL had good luck doing this). Don’t buy a lot of anything right now. You’ll be amazed how you’ll change! Also, get a sleeping bra… I laughed when I heard of them, but they are so much more comfortable than sleeping in a regular nursing bra.

  5. Ashley Bass replied:

    I am not sure what to suggest on this, but I will tell you what I am doing. I am currently wearing my regular bra as you are with bra extenders, but know that will not work once my milk comes in. I also have four sleep bras I use when I am at home and to sleep in because they are so much more comfortable. I know they don’t fully support me as well as a real bra, but I do sometimes wear them to the store with a big shirt. You can’t tell with a bigger shirt on. Anyway, I plan on using those until I can get to the store to get measured for the CORRECT size. I know once my milk comes in they will get bigger, but I want to wait a week or two before measuring. That way I know that I am not measuring at a super engorged state. I won’t be leaving the house much in the first six weeks anyway! Those will also be what I take to use at the hospital.

  6. Melissia replied:

    As an l&d nurse, pro breastfeeding, I can tell you that unless you have an extended hospital stay you won’t need that many bras in the hospital. No bra while in labor, in case of emergency c-section, and most women go home in 2 days really before there milk comes in on day 3 to 4, so 2 pregnancy bras should do you and then a couple of transitional nursing bras, as your breast size will change throughout the day and throughout the course of breastfeeding. Don’t worry to much about expense for the first couple of bras because after you wear them around the clock for 6 weeks you will want new ones!

  7. Mary replied:

    Lots of great advice!
    I agree — Buy a couple of sleeping bras… They are wonderful.
    Melissia is pretty much right on the money. I bought a few bras, and washed them and wore them.. Normal bras were one major thing I was excited about getting back into when I was done nursing Little Monster.

    I used some stuff from, but found their stuff was kind of cheaply put together.. I ended up visiting a higher end store that specialized in Bra Pumps and got measured at about 8 months.. then I went up a cup size. That is the size I used for the majority. 🙂 Good Luck!

  8. missingone replied:

    I would not buy a nursing bra until after everything (mine got humungus!)
    What I will recommend is a sports bra in the meanwhile. You get the support, it’s stretchy no matter how big you get and easy to nurse in. They also sell those camisole type tops that have built in support and I remember those got me through the first couple of months while I got the hang of things. Plus, usually you don’t leave the house much in the early months so it’s good to have tops with easy access.

    I went from a C to a DD, especially when full….

  9. liz replied:

    I’d say go to a good regular shop (Nordstrom’s) to get fitted and then order a nursing bra from a good online shop.

  10. Wendy replied:

    Wait until your milk comes in and go to JC*Penney and get fitted. Call me and I will tell you which one did mine and were great!

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