Wipeout: The Update

When I fell last week, I was most worried about not landing on he-beastie. Instead, when my ankle twisted, I hit on my left hip and tushie.  I was only concerned about my ankle and diligently iced it the first twenty-four hours. It was stiff, but felt better in a few days. My hip and tush, however, didn’t really start to hurt until a few days later. Then they REALLY hurt — like not able to get out of bed hurt. The fall also (re)triggered the sciatic pain, which somedays is really unbearable without my heating pad and tennis ball (for very direct, intense pressure). Last night I went to Gentle Yoga — Gentle Yoga! — and left in so much pain I had to come home and go directly to bed. Yoga is supposed to be great for stretching out the hips and pelvis but I don’t think wincing through Child’s Pose, no matter how much I am concentrating on my breathing, is a good thing.

My midwife recommended one of these but just looking at it makes me wrinkle my nose up. It may be comfortable, but it looks hot and awkward. I would also rather spend $50 on something more fun. I have 6 weeks to go, so I may change my mind as my stomach gets larger.

As of tomorrow, I am 34 weeks, which means if I deliver early, my midwife can do it at my regular hospital (before then, you have to deliver with an OB at the hospital with a NICU). He-beastie and I still agree after June 27 is ideal, so I am hoping he stays put for a little while longer. I have still not gained much if any weight, so we are still on for the ultrasound on Friday to measure his growth.

I need to “pre-clean” so the cleaning ladies, who should arrive in the next hour or so, can actually clean my house. My mom is coming tomorrow, the shower is Saturday, and our house was an absolute disaster. I am not sure if it is nesting, but we spent the last week trying to get it to the point where cleaning is actually possible! He-beastie’s room is coming together, too, and for the first time since we moved in, is more of a room than a closet/dumping ground for our stuff. Weird, huh?!


May 28, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Sam replied:

    One of my best friends “pre-cleans” before the cleaning ladies show up. Every single time. When I was nannying for her it cracked me up as she and her husband would scurry around the house worrying about the cleaning ladies.

  2. vannfam replied:

    OUCH! PAIN. I am sorry to read about all the battle scars you are carrying with you.

    If it makes you feel any better, I am still losing weight but the boy is growing like a weed. Good luck to you

  3. Farah replied:

    oops i am vannfam …

  4. babystep replied:

    I clean for the cleaning lady – every week. And it is one of the weekly fights I get in with DSD — because her room is a disaster area and I nag her until she can at least pick her crap up off the floor. WOW 34 weeks!!! Can’t wait to hear all about the shower. Isn’t it amazing – after everything you have been through – you get a shower of your very own??? So happy for you!

  5. Nicole replied:

    My doctor recommended the same apparatus. I thought the same thing you did about it. My mom said a lady at her work used one and loved it. She said the belt took the pressure off of her back and thought it was wonderful. Not that is was a personal experience, just thought I would share.

  6. Jenn replied:

    I admit that I always pr-clean, and find myself consistently shaking my head at the incongruity when doing so. But I can’t help it.

    John McCain is against my right to choose.

  7. Mr. MC replied:

    MC was not clear. This isn’t typical pre-cleaning before cleaning person comes, this is removing the clutter so that actual cleaning can be done. A cleaning professional CANNOT and SHOULD NOT organize MC’s piles of books and work papers, etc.

  8. Wendy replied:

    I am getting so excited for you both! Please let me know when your little one arrives as we have a little something for you!

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