The Countdown Has Begun

I am 35 weeks pregnant.

He-beastie, Mr. MC and I were “showered” with gifts last weekend. My friends threw a fantastic, non-traditional party (kids, co-ed, no weird games) and we had a great time. All these people were there to celebrate he-beastie’s impending arrival, which was weird, because they all just assumed everything is going to be fine!? Could everything really be just fine?

The nursery is pretty much done. We have new window blinds up, the IKEA furniture is put together and in place, and his little clothes and blankets are all washed (in the no perfume/no dye detergent) and put away in his new dresser. Most everything else we need is in the room, if not yet completely set up or totally organized; however, the big projects are all done.

We bought the car seat and the car seat stroller frame. We were going to buy a travel system, but the one we wanted was discontinued. The rest of the travel systems had strollers that were SO very heavy, so we decided on just the car seat bucket and the stroller frame. We will then buy another stroller when he is older and able to sit up on his own.

We have a breastfeeding class this Tuesday, and then we are “officially” (well, as “official” as you can ever get, I suppose) ready for he-beastie’s arrival. He understands, though, that mommy needs to teach until the 27th, so he is not going to come before then.

Today was my last Friday without an OB appointment. From next week on, I will be in their office every week to meet with my midwife. Her concerns for labor: managing my anxiety (honestly, I don’t feel all that anxious about labor, but I do have bad anxiety so she may have something) and my nausea. I guess when you have hyperemesis the hormones released in labor cause many women to throw-up the whole time. Doesn’t that sound like fun!? Labor AND a reprise of pukeapalooza!

June 6, 2008. Pregnancy #3.


  1. Liz replied:

    Wishing you your first contractions on the 28th, followed by a brief and easy labor, with no puking.

  2. Meg replied:

    What fun preparations! Are you beginning to believe this is all really happening?!

  3. Farah replied:

    “Labor AND a reprise of pukeapalooza” = well aren’t you a lucky girl 😉

    Congrats on having things mostly ready. I just need the crib put together and to wash a few more items.

    Beleive it or not, our bodies just may do something right. I am glad you enjoy your shower

  4. DD replied:

    I wonder if I can get that far in a couple of weeks. We also did the car seat with stroller frame, but Mr. DD wouldn’t let me unpack the stroller. He also acted a little freakish when I opened the package of newborn diapers. But that’s all we have done…the closer we get, the more he seems to shut it out.

    I certainly hope that they can give you some good drugs to keep you from puking. You should be able to “enjoy” the labor part to its fullest that way.

  5. rachel replied:

    I loved the car seat stroller frame! It is much easier than the travel system. Now we use a regular stroller though.

    Hard to believe you only have a month to go.

  6. Sarahthedoula replied:

    On the plus side to pukeapalooza – all the pressure from vomitting can help you dilate more quickly. Thought I’d toss you a silver lining just in case…. all the best!

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