Shameless Capitalist Plug

Having recently gone to Babies R Expensive and Tarzhay Boutique whilst 8 months pregnant, I now really, really understand the appeal of on-line shopping. I can lay on my couch with my tennis ball under my pelvis (i am telling you, it really does work for sciatic pain but you have to put it directly under the most tender spot and then lay there for a while) and order stuff he-beastie will need without pain shooting down my left leg.

Artsweet told me about a great site:

They sell diapers, of course (including cloth diaper supplies and Seventh Generation), but lots of other stuff (baby food, toiletries, toys, etc…) as well. I bought a bunch of Mustela products was amazed how quick and easy it was. (Mustela is my baby product vice; the kid can ride around in a rather unattractive car seat, but there is something about smelling like French baby that brings a huge smile to my face! The stuff is also really gentle and I am anticipating, given our family histories, that this kid is going to have sensitive skin.)

So, if you need baby stuff, check them out!

If you use my code (ELFX3625), you get $5 off your first order! You also get free shipping if you spend more than $49, so if you order in bulk, it is actually cheaper than going to the mega stores.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled tennis ball session.

June 9, 2008. Other Links, Pregnancy #3.


  1. Kona replied:

    I heart! FYI- they ship free for spending over $50.They also ship super fast!I get my order next day if I order on a weekday. You might also want to look into grocery stores that deliver groceries for the 1st mo or two postpartum(unless you have help). I did that the 1st 2 mos postpartum when DH and I were totally sleep deprived, and I didn’t want to take my newborn out to the germy market anyhow. does delivery for a fee, but not sure if that chain exists where you are.

    I do a lot of online shopping, too! Check out Albee Baby for big ticket items. I got a car seat/stroller there for $40-$50. less than Target & Babies RUS.Got my Arms Reach Cosleeper there, too. It was the cheapest anywhere on the net.

    Was your shower fun? šŸ˜‰ Hugs to you & WeeBeastie.(Do you call him the Beastie Boy? LOL. Can’t help it…my age is showing now).


  2. Caitmin replied:

    Nuthin like a plug

  3. babystep replied:

    Hey MC! I want to hear more about your shower…sounds really fun, and perfect for you. Congrats on getting everything done. And yes…this is REALLY HAPPENING! What is Mustella. Is it like Nutella? I would love a baby that smells like Nutella. Although…I would probably end up eating him.

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