Lavender Bath Salts

When I was admitted on Friday to L&D, I got to preview first-hand the luxurious birthing rooms. I am sure if you are in active labor you probably would not be concerned with all of the aesthetic details, but the rooms really are very nice.

After they put a liter of IV fluid in you, even when you are dehydrated, you really have to pee, so I got to spend a lot of time going back and forth to the bathroom. The bathrooms have beautiful tile work, a large tub/shower filled with jets, a towel rack stocked with plush towels, and the sink was deep with lovely fixtures. They had luxury hand soaps, scented hand lotions, and a tube of lavender bath salts.

Even in the midst of everything, I had to laugh. Lavender bath salts? Really? Obviously they were intended for the tub, which is large enough to labor in but is not a delivery tub. Do they really think that in the midst of a natural labor, because you would not be lying in a warm tub (the “midwives’ epidural”) if you had an epidural, the lavender bath salts are going to contribute to your overall comfort? “Oh, these contractions are just AWFUL! PAINFUL! ARGHHHH!!! The warmth of the tub, however, is so very, very soothing. Wait, they have LAVENDER BATH SALTS? Sprinkle away! Why … I can barely feel the contractions now that I have used the LAVENDER BATH SALTS.”

In other non-toiletry news, my father is still alive. In fact, he has been extubated and is conscious. My brother will call with an update as soon as he talks more to my father’s nurse. That being said, I can not think any more about it because it causes me to either cry, feel nauseous/gag, have Braxton-Hicks contractions/cramping, or raises my blood pressure. None of these things are good for me or he-beastie, and so, per my midwife’s orders, I am only focusing on what I can control and my father, three states away in a who-knows-what kind of mental state, is far outside of my control.

June 16, 2008. Other Sucky Things, Pregnancy #3.


  1. kona replied:

    I am jealous of the luxurious birthing suite you are going to! But as a mom who birthed naturally with no drugs whatsoever (Yay Me!) I think hot water is a major pain reliever! Bring on the hot water. It really helped me with early labor contractions.I lived in the shower/bath at home before I went to the hospital. I don’t know about the lavender, though. I do aromatherapy sometimes as a hobby, and lavender is supposed to be very soothing (lemon is supposed to help with nausea).Maybe give it a try?

    Sorry about your Dad. Maybe a “Calgon take me away” moment would be needed right now?

  2. MommaMary replied:

    Wow. My bathtub didn’t come with Lavendar! But then, when we talked about pain managment, anything that’s pleasing to the senses takes away from the pain. So if you like lavendar, and put some salts in the tub, the smell could take your mind off? I don’t know. I was ALL about the warm water, though. I spent most of my labor in and out of showers and tubs. SOOOO comforting!

  3. babystep replied:

    I think if (when) I am blessed enough to actually get pregnant and go into labor, I will punch DH in the stomach every time I get a contraction. That will help my pain, right?

  4. samsstories replied:

    Concentrate on lavender bath salts. You know, lavender is supposed to be very relaxing…ha ha ha.

  5. Ms Planner replied:

    The hot water helped SOOO much during contractions. And if you get a little smell-good lavender to go with it, I say go for it. Honestly, anything to soothe will be your friend. It won’t alleviate the pain. But it will make it more manageable.

  6. artsweet replied:

    Just think of how frustrated he must be that he didn’t manage to die and thwart your mother.

    Or don’t think of it all.

    Wow! HeBeastie is going to be here SOON.

    hugs and kisses to you both.

  7. Wendy replied:

    Oh Hun,
    I wish that you didn’t have to worry about this. Keep your thoughts on your precious baby that is about to enter this world. The stable, safe world you and Mr MC have created. He’s one lucky baby. Again, please let us know OK?
    Wendy et al…

  8. Liz replied:

    I am so glad that you and the He-Beastie are back home doing well. And that the He-Beastie is staying nicely put.

    As for your father…I have no words. I’m so sorry that you got stuck with a real piece of work for a father.

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