Say What?

I am recovering from a plugged duct in my left breast. It is getting better, but my milk production is still lagging on that side. All the books I have, plus my OB and Baby S’s pediatrician, recommend getting lots of rest and pumping every 2-3 hours.

How exactly does one do that? Getting lots of rest and pumping every 2-3 hours seem to be mutually exclusive. Am I missing something?

Anyways, Baby S is one week old. My mom arrives tomorrow night to be with us for a few days and to meet her grandson.


June 29, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S.


  1. tina replied:

    Pump in your sleep? LOL

    I don’t know, but keep up the good work!

  2. Farah replied:

    yes pump and get rest .. fun huh. Baby S is precious! Goodluck to you on your plugged duct and resting and all hte new mommie things you will adjust to.

  3. missingone replied:

    These pictures make my heart skip a beat. I am so happy for you!

  4. niobe replied:

    I love his expressions. You can almost see the wheels beginning to turn in that adorable little head.

  5. kona replied:

    Baby S looks a lot like his dad doesn’t he? 😉 So cute!!! It is impossible to rest when feeding every 2-3 hrs round the clock. “Sleep when the baby sleeps,” say all the experts. Ha!!!! Glad you are enjoying your little sweetie!

  6. Ms Planner replied:

    Your son is adorable. I can already see the little personality in his face. And what sparkly little eyes!

    Congratulations. He is tremendous.

    As for pumping. It goes faster when I pump in the morning after a hot shower or when I put heating pads on my boobs. Never thought I would EVER write that in a sentence.

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