Such A Zeiseh Punim*

*Zeiseh punim means “sweet face” in Yiddish.

July 26, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S. 4 comments.

My Blonde Baby

Somehow Mr. MC and I managed to make a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby. We both have dark brown hair; Mr. MC has hazel eyes and I have blue eyes. Yes, he could change, but for now Baby S’s appearance is a clear expression of the power of recessive genes.

July 24, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S. 4 comments.

A Day In The Life

10:53AM: notice that Baby S has a wet/dirty diaper

10:54AM: go upstairs to change the wet/dirty diaper

10:55AM: remove wet/dirty diaper

10:56AM: Baby S, now naked on the changing table, pees everywhere

10:57AM: remove pad from changing table

10:58AM: take Baby S to bathtub; cleanse tushie with Cetaphil (per pediatrician’s instructions); wrap in towel

11:03AM: put Baby S back on changing table

11:04AM: hear large wet fart; notice that Baby S has pooped in towel; remove towel

11:05AM: take Baby S to bathtub; cleanse tushie with Cetaphil; wrap in towel

11:10AM: notice that dog needs to go out; walk downstairs with Baby S

11:12AM: let dog out; notice that Baby S has peed all over this towel

11:13AM: let dog in; notice that Baby S’s pee has now saturated my shirt

11:14AM: place Baby S on changing table; dry tushie with hairdryer on cool

11:15AM: Baby S spits up all over changing table; wipe up with diaper wipe

11:16AM: slather Baby S with diaper cream; put diaper on, being sure to point his water hose down

11: 16AM: set Baby S in Pack ‘N Play; remove peed-on shirt; put on a new shirt

11:19AM: pick Baby S up; walk downstairs

11:24AM: Baby S spits up all over new shirt

11:25AM: admit defeat and decide to walk around with baby spit-up all over shirt for rest of day

July 21, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S. 7 comments.

Add to List: Things You Never Think You Are Going to Have to Worry About

Problem: How to get Monistat to stay up in your bajingo when you gave birth three weeks ago and still have no — gosh, what is the right term? — muscle tone.

The suppository flew fell out right after I put it in.

The cream is doing better, but not staying in terribly well, either.

Is my bajingo really still that stretched and flaccid?

(And did I really just use the words “flaccid” and “bajingo” in the same sentence?)

July 14, 2008. Post-Pregnancy Fun. 6 comments.

Baby S Demands Clarification

Baby S is fretting because you now all think he is not a boob man.

He wants you to know that he IS a boob man, but only when the sun is not shining.

The night after I last posted, he decided that the boob is fine, but only when it is dark outside. Seriously. We can nurse all night but he refuses to stay latched on during the day. I am not sure what the deal is, but it sure is easier to nurse him at night instead of trying to pump and then feed him expressed milk in a bottle. He is still sleeping with me, so I just leave my shirt off and he nurses about every 3.5 hours during the night.

My milk supply is out-pacing his needs, so we now have 5 bottles in the refridgerator and 4 frozen servings in the freezer. My left breast is still lagging in production so this is all due to mostly my right breast, Rochelle. ( I regularly get 3+ ounces out of Rochelle while Lucielle barely produces an ounce. )

Tomorrow, July 10, is Baby S’s “official” due date. We are in the middle of a heat wave, so even though I really miss being pregnant, I am glad that I am not waddling around at 40 weeks in this weather.

(And yes, I did indeed write that I miss being pregnant. I really do! Not Pukeapalooza, of course, but I really miss having a baby in my tummy and feeling him move and kick.)

July 9, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S. 4 comments.

My Son Is Not a Boob Man

Baby S was born three weeks early — a “near-term baby” — and he had what the lactation consultant called an “immature sucking reflex.” He could not stay awake when latched on, and when he was latched on, he would only suck for a few minutes. He was not gaining weight because he was not getting enough to eat.

Enter the breast pump. All hail the breast pump.

He is gaining weight beautifully now and eats on a fairly regular schedule, even though we are still doing “on demand” feedings.

I thought we would do this for a few weeks and then he would just go right back to the boob. I have been trying to put him on the breast but he just fusses and only sucks for a few minutes before losing interest.

Does he have the dreaded “nipple confusion?”

Will he go back to the breast?

I had to introduce the bottle, but I fear that he is going to be on the bottle forever. All the cleaning, sterilizing, and pumping is very time consuming. I will still pump so Mr. MC can do a few feedings, but I was hoping to slowly whittle down the 8 times/day pumping to just a few.

Why is my son not a boob man?  I know this will hit later in life, but a fascination with my boobs now would just make everything a lot easier!

July 5, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S. 8 comments.

Topsy Turvy

My boobs are lopsided. The right breast — Rochelle — is a real champion at milk production. She is cranking out 1.5 ounces every 2-3 hours. The left breast — Lucielle — is not keeping up. I thought it was the clogged duct but that has cleared and she is still underproducing, even after days of extra pumping time.

Is this normal? If you have pumped or breastfed, does one boob out-produce the other?


Baby S was back to his birth weight in only 10 days, and is the picture of health.

I was also back to my pre-pregnancy weight a week after giving birth. As of today, I even managed to lose 2 pounds. It is easy to lose your pregnancy weight when you only gain 11 pounds, right? Not an ideal situation (I was worried sick about Baby S’s growth), but it sure is nice to have one less thing to worry about.


Thank you for all of your kind comments regarding my father’s death. I am, all things considered, doing okay. Cuddling Baby S makes it easy to focus my priorities and not to dwell in my negative emotions. I appreciate everyone who stopped by and offered support.

July 3, 2008. Other Sucky Things, Pregnancy #3, The Magnificent Baby S. 6 comments.