Add to List: Things You Never Think You Are Going to Have to Worry About

Problem: How to get Monistat to stay up in your bajingo when you gave birth three weeks ago and still have no — gosh, what is the right term? — muscle tone.

The suppository flew fell out right after I put it in.

The cream is doing better, but not staying in terribly well, either.

Is my bajingo really still that stretched and flaccid?

(And did I really just use the words “flaccid” and “bajingo” in the same sentence?)

July 14, 2008. Post-Pregnancy Fun.


  1. vannfam replied:


  2. Heather replied:

    Wow – thanks for the full-on belly laugh this morning! I promise I am not laughing AT you though!

    Just here to reassure you that the flaccidity (I may have made that word up) goes away after some time. 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. MommaMary replied:

    sorry. I had stitches. They held everything in. And again. Sorry, because the reason for the monistat, that’s gotta suck!

  4. artsweet replied:


    Perhaps you need this?

  5. Ms Planner replied:

    Bajingo. I still laugh when you write that word.

    Re: breast feeding. Not sure what bottle you are using but Missy uses the Adiri Natural Nurser when she needs a bottle due to my work schedule. It is very breast like and does not cause her any confusion. It is also BPA free. Good luck with it all!

  6. Rachel replied:

    OMG. Clearly, you are just going to have to duct-tape your bajingo closed until the Monistat dissolves. 🙂

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