A Day In The Life

10:53AM: notice that Baby S has a wet/dirty diaper

10:54AM: go upstairs to change the wet/dirty diaper

10:55AM: remove wet/dirty diaper

10:56AM: Baby S, now naked on the changing table, pees everywhere

10:57AM: remove pad from changing table

10:58AM: take Baby S to bathtub; cleanse tushie with Cetaphil (per pediatrician’s instructions); wrap in towel

11:03AM: put Baby S back on changing table

11:04AM: hear large wet fart; notice that Baby S has pooped in towel; remove towel

11:05AM: take Baby S to bathtub; cleanse tushie with Cetaphil; wrap in towel

11:10AM: notice that dog needs to go out; walk downstairs with Baby S

11:12AM: let dog out; notice that Baby S has peed all over this towel

11:13AM: let dog in; notice that Baby S’s pee has now saturated my shirt

11:14AM: place Baby S on changing table; dry tushie with hairdryer on cool

11:15AM: Baby S spits up all over changing table; wipe up with diaper wipe

11:16AM: slather Baby S with diaper cream; put diaper on, being sure to point his water hose down

11: 16AM: set Baby S in Pack ‘N Play; remove peed-on shirt; put on a new shirt

11:19AM: pick Baby S up; walk downstairs

11:24AM: Baby S spits up all over new shirt

11:25AM: admit defeat and decide to walk around with baby spit-up all over shirt for rest of day


July 21, 2008. The Magnificent Baby S.


  1. Farah replied:

    we had one of those days like that today! So sorry

  2. Renee replied:

    Welcome to motherhood! You’ve been officially hazed. 🙂

  3. Artblog replied:

    Sounds a bit like ALL my days!

    My new perfume of late is Eau de Sick by Baby D. Very popular 🙂


  4. Pili replied:

    Ha! What did Lacan say about the corps en morcelait (?) – the body in pieces? The boundaries take a good long time to get secure, but eventually they do. Pepito now wakes up at night with soaking wet diapers, and stares up at you with the most pathetic expression, moaning “Popo!” and beating limply at his diaper. Of course, it’s rarely popo, but the message gets across: I’m really uncomfortable!!!!

  5. Ms Planner replied:

    Oh you poor thing!

    Missy lives in spit-up covered shirts and onesies. I used to change them all the time but now it has to be really nasty before I change her. Slacker mom.

  6. Liz replied:

    That’s quite a variety of bodily fluids!

  7. chris replied:

    Oh, how I remember. I’d forget to change and before I knew it, the spit up would be dried and I’d just let it go.

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