A Message From My Husband to Maggie

The following is a guest post from my husband, alternately known to this blog’s readers as “Mr. MC” or “Mr. Beaujingo.”

Maggie left a comment recently on MC’s post about “natural birth” and “natural dentistry.”

Maggie writes:

“You know what the difference is? There is a life involved!!!”

Actually, there is a life involved in every medical treatment, including an endodontic procedure.

Maggie continues:

“Have you ever researched the harmful effects it can have on you but ESPECIALLY your baby?! How could you possibly compare the two?!”

Maggie may not have been reading this blog long enough to know that MC is married to a medical librarian and is a PhD who researches about as casually and frequently as Maggie uses the toilet.  I would bet all that I own that Maggie doesn’t know half as much about the risks involved in various birthing choices as MC does.  Despite the hyper-simplified kool-aid Rikki Lake likes to pour, the fact is that there are risks to ALL choices one can make about birth.  The best thing a birthing mother can do is to be well-informed and to choose a provider (whether an OB or a CNM) she has absolute trust in to help make the right decisions for both mother and baby.  MC’s CNM is also a labor and delivery RN with years of practical experience, an NP, and a mother of three children.  If Maggie’s knowledge of these matters is a glass of water, this CNM’s knowledge is an Olympic-size swimming pool. With this in mind, I’d ask that Maggie please put aside her rude condescension and presumption that she knows better than any other mother.

Maggie goes on:

“And its hilarious to see everyone agree with that silly comparison. Its not about being a hero, its about protecting your baby.”

Putting aside your ignorance of the medicine involved, and the absurdity of any woman telling any other how she SHOULD give birth, I resent Maggie’s implication that MC doesn’t/didn’t care sufficiently for the health of her child.  Read this blog.  MC lost two pregnancies.  Maggie’s implication that she might not care sufficiently about what is best for her child is not only rude, but heartless and stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself, Maggie.

But Maggie isn’t done being holier-than thou:

“If comparing an epidural to Novocaine makes you feel less guilty…then more power to you. You shouldn’t feel guilty though. You did what you could and you had good intentions.”

Maggie, MC hasn’t done anything for which she should feel guilty.  She followed the advice of the most expert individual within several hours of driving from where we live. She didn’t just have good intentions, she did THE RIGHT THING.  Take your phony forgiveness (which you have no right to offer) and shove it up your ignorant, self-righteous bajingo.

No love at all,

-Mr. MC

September 27, 2008. He-Beastie's Big Debut, Mr. MC, Pregnancy #3.


  1. Farah replied:

    I love that people ..no cowards…. use the internet to judge individuals so terribly. It will never cease to amaze me that The “maggies” think this type of behavior is acceptable. I am glad Mrs MC has Mr MC!

  2. Cookie replied:

    Good for you, Mr. MC!
    Birth is about doing the best thing for the mother and the baby and every woman has the right to decide what is best for herself. No one can decide what anyone else should do and no one should impose their beliefs on other people. I am so sorry for the comment, despite the fact that I didn’t write it, that implied that the MC family didn’t have the baby’s best interests at heart, especially since Baby S is your third child but sadly the only one that was able to experience life here on earth. I haven’t commented previously but I am infuriated by the condescension with which that comment was made. You are sharing your lives with the on-line community and no one has the right to criticize you for the way you brought your beautiful baby into the world.
    Maggie has no business on your blog.

  3. Sam replied:

    You go girl! Er…boy. I love how we can all come together and support each other in our lives, right. Asshats abound, but I am glad your hubby has your back.

  4. Frozen Star replied:

    Wooo, go mr. MC!

  5. Rachel replied:

    Good for you. It often seems to me that there are people who advocate for certain ways of birthing who forget that a failure to properly provide information and minimization/exaggeration (alternately) of risk is part of what the birth choice/homebirth movement has been reacting to in the medical establishment – and they shouldn’t be creating more of the same kind of problem.

  6. Korinna replied:

    I’m continually amazed by how MEAN people are on the internet. On a message board the other day, I saw a woman get ripped a new one for wondering why she didn’t qualify for WIC.

    Do you think everyone is this mean inside their heads?

    Oh, and yeah for librarians!

  7. kona replied:

    Amen to what Mr. MC said. 😉
    ((Hugs)) to MC, Mr. MC and Baby S.

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