More of the Same

The yeast is still here.  It is better, but it still burns after I nurse and Baby S is still not himself.  The Nystatin is not very powerful, but is the first anti-fungal that is used.  Now, I think, it might be time to move onto something more powerful.  Baby S continues to grow like a weed and, based on our crappy home scale, is about 16lbs (!!!!).

I am too tired to post much as I have to entertain relatives this weekend.  Here are some update photos of Baby S for your viewing pleasure:

October 5, 2008. Other Sucky Things, The Magnificent Baby S.


  1. farah replied:

    so very sorry about the yeast. i hope you find something that helps. Baby S is adorable! MT is roughly 16 lbs as of yesterdays attempt to weigh him! Have fun with company

  2. Artblog replied:

    Gorgeous almond shaped eyes!

    Also sorry about the yeast sounds as painful as when i had mastitis!


  3. kona replied:

    Wow, Baby S is growing fast! Such cute pics!! My baby girl, E., is only slightly bigger…weighed 16 pound 12 oz at her 9 mos. appt last week. :-0 Hope the yeast clears up soon.

  4. Ms Planner replied:

    Your son has the most lovely eyes. And such nicely groomed hair 🙂

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