And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Level of Anxiety

For Thanksgiving, we went to visit family in a big(ger) city.  Outside of this city is a kick-ass medical facility where a bunch of kick-ass doctors work.  My kick-ass mother-in-law was able to call in a favor with her kick-ass neighbor, who happens to also be a doctor at this medical facility, and get Baby S an appointment with one of the top pediatric neurologists in the U.S. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

In short, Baby S is going to be fine.  He has a shudder which will go away on its own by the time he is one, if not before.

Yes, we went out of network and will probably pay a small fortune for the second opinion, but it sure as heck is better than just sitting around for four months wondering if there is a serious problem with my kick-ass baby.


November 30, 2008. Life With Baby, The Magnificent Baby S, Waiting Around is Not For Sissies.


  1. Farah replied:

    I am very glad to hear that Baby S is doing just fine ! Excellent networking

  2. Sam replied:

    Good damn job! You rock and I am so glad that your little dude is fine.

  3. K @ ourboxofrain replied:

    Very, very glad to hear it isn’t a cause for further concern!

  4. Liz replied:

    So very very very very happy!!!!

  5. leanne replied:

    Such a relief!

  6. Rachel replied:


  7. Ms Planner replied:

    God, aren’t the experts just so worth it? Glad to hear all is well with the kick ass Baby S.

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