Mah Bewbies and Other Random Things

Mah bewbies are lopsided and I have had come to terms with it.  Even in their asymmetry, even allowing for the wee yeasties,  they have done a pretty good job.  My goal is to make it to at least a year with this whole breastfeeding thing.  Studies show that in kids that are predisposed to colitis (i.e. Baby S, as both Mr. MC and I have the disease in our family), breastfeeding for at least one year significantly reduces the risk.  They are not sure if it is because of the impact on the immune system or the fact that breastmilk is so easy to digest.  I will do whatever I can to help Baby S not develop this shitty (ha!) disease.


I feel like now, at six months, I am finally getting this whole baby thing down.  Of course, people have already asked me when I am going to try for another.  (Cue maniacal laughter in the background.)  Ummmmm, no time soon.  I would like another one, but I feel like Baby S just got here.  I also do not “do” pregnancy very well, we will have to again contend with my uterus of death, I am up for tenure, etc…, which all make me want to wait.  Why are people so anxious to get knocked up so soon again after their first baby?


I am having wicked, wicked mood swings.  In pre-baby world, I would call it PMS, but I am not sure when my cycles are going to start back up, so I don’t know if this is “pre-” anything.  I feel anxious, cranky, and super-OCD, and then the next day I feel fine, only to have it rear up again a few days later.  This started before Baby S started eating solids, so I do not think that is it.  But what do I know, right?


My hair is still falling out.  Thank goodness I have thick hair because otherwise I would most certainly have bald spots.   It is not as bad as it was, but it still sheds more than normal except, conveniently, for the gray hairs at my temple.  Those, I am oh-so-happy to report, are just fine.  I assume that soon new hair will start to grown in?


My carpel tunnel syndrome, which I developed in my last trimester but only got really bad after Baby S was born, has taken a turn for the worse.  It was in my left wrist and now has migrated to the right one as well.  My midwife told me it will go away when Baby S is about a year and that it is rarely permanent.  This gives me hope, but I still have to go out and buy another wrist brace.


I only gained 11 lbs. when I was pregnant.  I lost it all the first week after Baby S was born and have proceeded to gain it all back while breastfeeding.  This whole “you-will-loose-weight-while-breastfeeding-because-you-burn-extra-calories” theory is a bunch of crap.  I am hungry all the time, I am still almost exclusively breastfeeding, I try to walk as much as the weather will allow, and I am still slowly gaining weight.  Like the lopsided bewbies, I have had to make my peace with it.


December 17, 2008. Colitis is Fun (Not), Life With Baby, Post-Pregnancy Fun, The Magnificent Baby S.


  1. Sam replied:

    I almost left a pee spot on my couch due to your most recent comment.

    I’ve hit 11lbs so far (34ish weeks) and I’m figuring that I need some sort of fat stores to breastfeed but even my boobs are shrinking. Guess I’ll make it up while I’m breastfeeding, too. Hopefully once you stop breastfeeding you’ll stop being so hungry and then drop the weight. *crosses fingers* Also, why the hell are people asking you about #2 at this point? They need to be smacked. Hard. With your lopsided boobies. 🙂

  2. Mr. MC replied:

    “They need to be smacked. Hard. With your lopsided boobies.”

    LOL @ Sam!

  3. lizzie replied:

    Don’t worry about your weight. I did the same thing with both my boys. I lost a bunch right after they were born only to gain it back while breastfeeding. I hang onto about 20 extra punds while nursing. When I weaned them at a year I suddenly started losing and without really trying it was all off plus some by the time they were 18 months old. Some of us need the extra pounds to make milk!

  4. Farah replied:

    i also am a member of the lopsided bewbie club. I am not at all even remotely ready to even discuss ttc again. Not right now … no

    I am glad you are getting a hang of this baby thing

  5. Wendy replied:

    I breastfed Katie for 28 months only because I didn’t want her to get colitis too. Since Gillian has had to have her large intestine removed and now has an ileostomy, I am really glad that I did! And it just gets easier and easier to breastfeed. And my ta-ta’s are still crooked, even after I weaned!

  6. Artblog replied:

    If I had the answer to number two I’d give it you, strange phenomenon which I blame on hormones, number three, only just starting to feel “me” again, mood swings lessens as baby gets older, promise, and sorry for the loopy boobies!

    Number four, I took an amino acid for the hair falling out bit (ask your doc), happens after pregnancy, should get back to normal too, lucky for you you have lots of hair to compensate, I don’t 😦 and the last one, so damn true, people shouldn’t bloody lie to get you to breastfeed, I fell for it too!


  7. Ann replied:

    I have a five month old son and I can totally relate to your comments about hair loss, lopsided bewbs, and of course, eating all the time while breastfeeding. It’s nice to know I am not alone!

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