I spent the last 5 months fussing and fretting over my milk supply and now, to mangle a phrase, my bewbies runneth over.  I would feel so guilty giving him formula when his demand outpaced my supply because I felt like my boobs were failing him.  (I know, I know, but I felt guilty anyway.)  When he was a newborn and nursing every two hours, I also felt like he was going to nurse forever.  I had no idea how quickly he would be on solids.  Six months seemed like a lifetime away but here we are, feeding him butternut squash puree from his BPA-free spoon.

Baby S started on solids a little over a month ago and now, finally, has started sleeping a solid 11-13 hours at night.  My bewbies, however, have not gotten the memo and are still producing copious amounts of milk.  I am stocking our freezer, my mom’s freezer (she babysits Baby S when I work), and then I am slowly going to cut down on pumping.  I am afraid if I don’t pump, I am going to get mastititis, so I am hoping that if I cut down gradually I can avoid this.

I am also making all of Baby S’s food and quite enjoying it, actually.  I am learning a lot about vegetables and enjoying picking out organic food stuffs at our grocery store.  Mr. MC does most of the cooking at our house, but I feel this overwhelming desire to cook for Baby S, perhaps because I am his main source of food now?  Or because it gives me something concrete to do during the day?  We now have a freezer stocked with home-made baby food and boob-juice-cicles.

A great website:

December 31, 2008. Life With Baby, Other Links.


  1. Korinna replied:

    Thanks for the website. Have been mulling over how to proceed with new baby-type dishes at our house.

    Because, frankly, “Chicken Dinner” in a jar heebs me out.

  2. Jensational replied:

    My boobs also never got all of the supply and demand memos. I will give you a tip though–when you’re finally ready to stop pumping make sure you have cabbage leaves and ibuprofin on hand. Oh and also some sort of frozen compress (like bags of frozen peas). I will also check out that Web site to read the baby food info. I’m just getting into that area myself.

  3. Farah replied:

    yes i LOVE that website! Happy New Year to you

  4. Rachel replied:

    Hey, you might be able to donate the excess bewbie juice. Let me know if you want me to get you some info on that.

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