New Plan

I have a new plan.  It is not terribly exciting, but I will feel better if I write it down.

Next spring, I am going to do another study-abroad trip.  I can’t handle the spring break thing, but I will ask if I can do it in May.  We will save and save so that Mr. MC and Baby S can go along with me.  We will also save and save so that we have a nice big nest egg.

This will be May 2010.

After that, we can start trying for another one.   Baby S will be almost two at that point, and my midwife’s advice was to wait until he was at least 18 months before trying again.

This will give me a chance to have my body to myself for a little bit and try and lose some of this breastfeeding weight.

This will allow us to beef up our savings.

This will allow me to enjoy the heck out of Baby S.

This is the new plan, because I like to plan.

And, because abstract plans are boring, here is a picture of Baby S:



March 25, 2009. Another One?, Life With Baby, Post-Pregnancy Fun.


  1. Farah replied:

    that sounds like a very good plan. I have been avoiding plans. I should probably sit down and talk about our future plans.

    Baby S is adorable!

  2. Caro replied:

    Great plan

  3. Meg replied:

    He looks like he has quite a cute personality….I love your plan.

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