Oh, I Forgot One

7) I pee involuntarily when I cough, sneeze, or — most horrifyingly — when I laugh.

Pee.  In.  My.  Own.  Pants.

And, yes, I Kegel.

I heard this doesn’t go away.  My mom told me to buy Depends if I ever get bronchitis.

But he is just so darn cute that I almost don’t mind!  (Almost.)



June 16, 2009. Life With Baby, The Magnificent Baby S, Way Too Much Information.


  1. Farah replied:

    i do that! THen I had a UTI and do it OFTEN!

  2. Farah replied:

    Seriously Delicious Baby!

  3. Caro replied:

    Me too, usually I remember to cross my legs when I sneeze or cough, which my mum does too.

    He is very cute though.

  4. Sam replied:

    Adorable! He needs to hang out with Egg and teach him the ropes of being a baby.

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