Isn’t It Ironic, Dontcha Think?

My horrendous migraines are getting better.  I had a month where I had one almost every day and it was truly awful.  My neurologist recommended I use a new type of magnesium supplement, upped the dose of my migraine medicine from 20mg to 40mg, and recommended that I take Reglan along with my regular medicine when I get a headache.  Reglan is typically used as an anti-nausea medicine but it has also been found to help reduce the severity of migraines.  It is also used for — hold onto your seats here, folks — stimulating milk production.

I have decided to stop pumping this week and I am now getting migraines due to the hormonal changes and one of the meds recommended to help with the migraines stimulates milk production.

Are you laughing?  I am not laughing.

It has been three days since I have pumped and WOWEE!! do my breasts hurt.  I worked down to pumping just once a day and it took until last night to get really uncomfortable, but I know if I pump again, I will just stimulate more milk production and I will have to start this process all over.

I made it a year and I want my body back.  I need to lose weight.  At Baby S’s 12-month check-up, his pediatrician suggested we give him cow’s milk in a sippy-cup, and he seems to like it.  While part of me still wants to pump and give him breast milk (I keep hearing the “human milk for human babies!” rally cry of the breastfeeding mafia in my head), I made it a year and I just can’t pump anymore.

I am just taking Tylenol and hoping my body gets the “no more milk, please” message soon.  If we get cabbage leaves in our CSA box, I may try that, too.  Hopefully, I will feel better in a few days.

Edited to add: I am doing it cold turkey because while I know that this may make my bewbies sore(er), it will minimize the duration of the hormone drop, which is what causes my migraines.  If I string the process out over two weeks, I am going to suffer that entire time with headaches.


July 2, 2009. Life With Baby, Post-Pregnancy Fun.


  1. Calliope replied:

    serious high five on one year of breastfeeding!
    but sounds like you are in serious boob ouch right now. ugh! Hope it gets better!

  2. Nicky replied:

    You say that you worked your way down to one pumping/day. If you’re super uncomfortable, it may be worth it to take a step between once/day and stopping entirely. When I was down to once/day, my next step was to shorten the duration, too. Just a few days of pumping 2 minutes in the evenings was perfect. Eased the pressure, decreased demand to almost (but not quite) nothing, and then when I stopped completely, I had hardly any pain at all.

    The migraines just suck. I know from experience. Suck suck suck. Sorry.

  3. Jensational replied:

    Peppermint tea is also supposed to work to cut down milk. Sage tea too (just take sage from your spice rack). Didn’t have dramatic results with either one but I think that the peppermint tea wasn’t too bad.

  4. Farah replied:

    Oh Really – That is just a cruel joke!

  5. Sam replied:

    Ah fuck I’m sorry. That just sucks donkey balls. Actually, I have heard about a method to reduce milk production involving thorough sucking of goat balls. Interested? 🙂

    What about taking some nose medicine to help dry you up?

  6. liz replied:

    Thinking of you and hoping that you are feeling better today.

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