I am Weak

I was riding home on the bus and the urge to pee on a stick was just overwhelming.

I knew it was too early, but I just couldn’t help myself.

My cheapo tests are not here yet so I used a First Response ( = $$) to test on 7-8 dpo.

I know this is not going to shock you, but it was negative.

Then I ripped the test apart and really looked at it.

Still negative.

I hate the two-week-wait; it turns me into a lunatic.

(… and then I went upstairs and fished it out of the garbage to have another look.  Still negative.  Pathetic. )

November 9, 2009. Another One?, Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Waiting Around is Not For Sissies.

One Comment

  1. Meg replied:

    Love the ‘another one?’ tag. It is nice to see we can quickly go back to insanity. Stupid pee sticks.

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