So Far, Still Pregnant

I am exactly 4 weeks pregnant, which, given that this is a miscarriage blog, means a whole lot of nothing.  No nausea (yet); just cramping and very sore boobs.

I am taking my prenatal vitamin (I actually never stopped), extra B6 and folic acid, baby aspirin, and the Lovenox shots.  I go into the RE tomorrow for my blood draw and to get all of my prescriptions.  I have been peeing on sticks and the lines are progressively getting darker.

I told my mom, which was a relief.  I am terrible at lying and since I see her nearly every day (she watches S while I teach) it would be hard to hide anything from her.

November 16, 2009. Another One?, Pregnancy #4, Trying Again.


  1. Calliope replied:

    (for being 4 weeks & the telling. thinking of you)

  2. Sam replied:

    Dude. I am speechless because I know not what to say and my tummy is all nervous for you. EEK!

  3. ms planner replied:

    So good to hear! Sounds like your protocol is right on the money. Will be thinking of you and checking in on you.

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