High, but Doubling








I have no idea what this means, except that my HCG levels more than doubled.

November 19, 2009. Another One?, Pregnancy #4.


  1. Meg replied:

    I tried to look back and I was at 102 12dpo. I was at 2660 at 19dpo and freaked at how high that seemed. The HCG numbers always made me crazy! So thrilled it is doubling!

  2. Yo-yo Mama replied:

    I’m so excited over those numbers! I remember how I felt when my betas were low and then after our donor cycle to have them so high and I STILL stressed about it. Apparently it just showed a very, very sticky and strong embryo, which is just what we all want.

  3. Wendy replied:

    OK, I obviously need to read this more often! I was just dancing when you told me tonight that you were pregnant….with either one really healthy bugger or 2 great ones! I will have to start rounding up more car seats at this rate! I am so, so (cautiously) happy, but the magic man kept you pregnant last time and I am hopeful that he will this time. I will check back to see the results of your next US!

  4. sambar22 replied:


    Wow! How amazing! Like Wendy I will be (cautiously) excited for you, and eagerly checking back to see updates. I have been there in the dumps too when one’s hopes gutter like a candle in the wake of a big cold burst, so I know how important it is to keep a level head. But for now…it is exciting!

  5. Sam replied:

    OMG! Keep it up!!

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