Week 5

Ultrasound today with the dildo-cam revealed one sac.  According to the nurse, it’s too early to expect to see anything more than that.   So, once again, we wait for next week’s ultrasound.

Lab results:

HCG =  5878 (I started my HCG injections, so this is skewed by the shots)

Progesterone = 21.7 (good number, but again skewed by all the cream I shove up my bajingo)

TSH = 3 (I was told that under 2 was ideal, but since this is still “normal” they are not going to up my thyroid medicine)




November 24, 2009. Pregnancy #4.


  1. ms planner replied:

    One step at a time my friend. Now you can strike fears 3 & 4 from your previous list. I am glad things are moving along nicely.

  2. judith replied:

    I’ve never heard of a dildo-cam and bajingo cream (at least put that way) which is funny and scary at the same time.

  3. tasha replied:

    Well that’s encouraging news! Glad everything looks OK so far… I’m continuing to think about you and hope it continues to go well!

  4. Farah replied:


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