Cue Pre-Ultrasound Anxiety (Updated)

I feel less pregnant today, which makes no sense, because I am shooting HCG into my leg every three days and shoving Progesterone up my bajingo every night.  I am still terrified of finding nothing alive at next Tuesday’s ultrasound.

My boobs are not as sore.  I am still utterly exhausted and gaggy.  I think I remember this happening with pregnancy #3, but at that point I was peeing on sticks still (for The Plan) and that made me feel better.  My hormone levels are higher with this pregnancy and I already maxed out the dye in the tests earlier this week, so peeing on sticks is moot. This is probably all mental, right?

I am too tired to really panic.  I also have a ton of stuff to do, and S doesn’t understand why Mommy just wants to lay around all day.  Instead, to really shock us back to reality, we are going to Target on Black Friday.   Maybe we will go to IHOP for lunch.  My kitchen is too messy right now to cook.

Update: I did indeed go to Target and, as expected, it was packed.  As we left I got hit with a wave of nausea that is still going strong.  No vomiting, but I had to take a Zofran and my Unisom/B-6 nightcap.

November 27, 2009. Life With Baby, Pregnancy #3, Pregnancy #4.


  1. Sam replied:

    I have no idea how you are coping with the anxiety, because this is making me nervous. Wishing you a sticky baby and trouble free pooper.

  2. tasha replied:

    I’m nervous for you, too!! I hope everything is fine next week. Rest up and think positive thoughts.

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