We saw a heartbeat today, but the wee-beastie was too small to really record anything.  Measurements were right on track, with the yolk-sac dwarfing the actual embryo.

Still nauseated.  Still extremely tired.

At the dentist (!!) this morning, she noted that my thyroid was very enlarged, so the RE’s office ran more thyroid tests.

Next ultrasound next week.



December 1, 2009. Pregnancy #4.


  1. Meg replied:

    If we were facebook friends…..Like.

    Yay! So glad for you!

  2. calliope replied:

    fantastic news!! woooo

  3. Farah replied:


  4. K@ourboxofrain replied:


  5. Yo-yo Mama replied:

    I am SO happy and I can only imagine the relief and joy you are feeling at this point compounded by nervous tension of getting to the next milestone.

  6. Rachel replied:


  7. Wendy replied:

    OK, disregard my facebook message. I had the wrong address! So glad there is a heartbeat. You know you’ve got a strong one in there.

  8. Jenn replied:

    Delurking to say I’m thrilled for you all that the wee-beastie is doing well!

  9. Meredith replied:

    AWESOME! I am thinking good thoughts for you and Mr. MC every day.

  10. tasha replied:

    So thrilled for you!!! It must have been amazing to see that heartbeat…. I can’t wait to hopefully get pregnant again and get to see my baby’s one day soon!! We’re going to start trying again next week. Keep us updated on how you’re doing.

  11. Sam replied:

    Duuuuuuude. I want this to go faster so I can breathe easier. Yes, I know this isn’t all about me.

    YAY FOR YOU!!! (hugs)

  12. ms planner replied:

    Yeeeee! Such good news!

    Although not good news about the smells, nausea and your fatigue. Hang in there. It won’t last forever and the end result is so much more worth it.

  13. tasha replied:

    Any updates?? How are you doing? How did your ultrasound go? We are trying again, and now it’s that terrible waiting time to see if I was able to get pregnant again.

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