Say What You Mean to Say

My OB wanted me to see a perinatologist because I am now taking two different antidepressants and thyroid medicine, in addition to all of the recurrent pregnancy loss drugs.  She was pretty sure there was no problem with anything but just wanted a second opinion.

I arrived for my appointment 5 minutes early, only to sit for 45 minutes because the office staff could not process that I am covered under my husband’s insurance and he has a different last name.  In the meantime, I got to see a Juno-esque couple, who look like regular acne-covered geeky kids, except that she was about 7 months pregnant.  They were there with her mom and both of his parents.  There was no way they were older than 15 and, needless to say, I found the whole thing utterly fascinating.

I finally get back to see the doctor for a consult (no undressing; no bajingo probe) and we talked about all of the medicine I was taking.

Here is what he meant to say:

Yes, you take a lot of medicine, but it is all medically necessary.  They do not pose a high risk to your fetus and are, as much as any drug really can be, considered “safe” in pregnancy.

Here is what he said:

“After looking at your file, the highest risk factor in your pregnancy is not the medicine you are taking, but instead is the fact that you are over 35.  You are of  ‘advanced maternal age,’ which is a scientific construct, but carries with it increased risks of genetic abnormalities and pregnancy complications.  Your antidepressants are not what are putting you in the ‘high risk’ category but the potential diminished quality of your eggs due to age.”

So, in summary, no, I should not worry about all of the medicine.  I should, however, be on the verge of panic about my age and if I were any sort of responsible person, I would have started having kids when I was 15, when my eggs were still nice and fresh.


January 8, 2010. Pregnancy #4.


  1. calliope replied:

    good grief!
    phew that you are cleared on your meds. shame about not being able to build a time a machine…xo

  2. Caro replied:

    Because, you know, you totally planned it this way (sigh).

  3. sam replied:

    WTF??!! ASSHOLE.

  4. K@ourboxofrain replied:

    I’m with sam – wtf?? I realize you were there for his opinion, but it wasn’t supposed to be his opinion on every damn thing on which he has one. He needs to learn to stfu and answer the question asked and leave it at that, especially when his other opinions are about things that are, well, unchangeable facts regarding history and all.

  5. Wendy replied:

    I just have one thing to say…I was advanced maternal age with Katie and had that triple screen come back + for possible Down Syndrome. I had to go to the peri too and they did a 20 week scan (because I had the blood test at 16 weeks) and she scanned fine. They didn’t see anything that stood out as a problem. Cheryl and I also had an appt with the genetic counselor and then an amnio scheduled. We spoke with the genetic counselor who said that it looked like we had a 98% chance of having a “normal” baby and then the MD came in and said the same thing. We declined the amnio because after everything we went through to get pregnant, I wasn’t going to risk a miscarriage by doing that. And it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. The baby would have been carried to term even if there was something wrong with her. Just an FYI! As you know, she came out perfect!

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