NT Eve

I tried to watch the Golden Globes tonight and ended up puking halfway through.   Nothing to do with the awards show, but instead an on-going symptom of my “evening sickness.”  I may never eat vegetable tempura again.  Pregnancy, at least the first 16 weeks, is a fantastic weight-loss regime for me.  To date, I have dropped about 10 lbs. since I found out I was pregnant.

Tomorrow morning we have our NT screen.  I am terrified.  Please, please, please let everything be okay.  The little heartbeat was nice and strong on my doppler, so I am trying to be positive.  The perinatologist just has me totally freaked out about my age and it is hard to be optimistic.   Based on my age, the odds are 1/400, which are pretty good odds.  But still.

Tomorrow I am 13 weeks and classes start again on Tuesday.


January 18, 2010. Pregnancy #4.


  1. Heidi replied:

    Good luck on you screen! I hope everything is alright, and that your evening sickness stops soon!

  2. ms planner replied:

    It is unfortunate that your perinatologist has you (most likely unneccessarily) scared out of your wits. Take a deep breath. A lot of women a lot older than you have perfectly heathly babies every day. I am one of them. I know it is soooo hard, but try to focus some positive energy down to that babe. Hang in there.

  3. K replied:

    Hi there…can you tell me what kind of doppler you use and tips for using it. I have one and I can’t even find my own heartbeat. We saw the baby’s heartbeat nice and strong 2 days before I got the doppler, so i’m not concerned about that…but I apparently can’t figure out my doppler.

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