The Lesson Is Stool Softeners (Edited)

Pregnancy can cause constipation.  Codeine can cause constipation.  The two in tandem, well, pretty much guarantees constipation.

I was, ahem, using the loo when I looked down and saw bright red blood in the toilet.  My heart stopped and I heard myself gasp.  After two miscarriages, bright red blood scares the crap out of me.  It took me a few seconds to realize that it was not coming from my bajingo, but instead was due to, uh, constipation.

Then the adrenaline hit and I started shaking and threw up.

It’s the only time in my life I was actually glad my ass was bleeding.

Pregnancy is so glamorous.

Edited to Add: I am not making this up.  I could not make this up.  Someone typed in this phrase a few days ago and found my blog: “do miscarriages go through the butthole?”  This was before I put this post up.   Yeah.


January 19, 2010. Pregnancy #4.


  1. kate replied:

    Ha Ha Ha! That is too funny! I think that the person who typed that in must have thought that she got pregnant that way. Makes sense, right?

  2. aspiringbaker replied:

    Looking forward to hearing about your blood test results…

  3. LT replied:

    Silent lurker here…. hoping everything is still going ok with you and your pregnancy …

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