Number Game

Results of NT test:

Odds of genetic abnormality for my age: 1/490

Odds of wee-beastie having a genetic abnormality: 1/10,000

Very good odds.

The cost of dry-cleaing my coat: $18.00

The cost of having someone else steam-clean my car: $25.00

Showing up on your mom’s front porch covered in puke from head to toe because you just projectile-vomited in the front seat of your car?


February 5, 2010. Pregnancy #4. 5 comments.

The Return of Pukeapalooza

… it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I am 15.5 weeks today and still waiting for the nausea to abate.

I was back in the ER last weekend because I was dehydrated from all the puking (like four-times-in-one-day puking; like projectile-vomiting-all-over-my-car-while-driving puking) and had developed a wicked migraine (like the- kind-of-migraine-that-didn’t-respond-at-all-to-8mg-of-injected-morphine migraine).  Two bags of IV fluid and a hydrocodone script later and I was almost as good as new.

It’s not as bad as last time, but it is still very difficult to watch S, work, write, and regularly succumb to bouts of debilitating nausea.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow.  Nothing terribly exciting happening as no ultrasound is planned.

Good news?  I continue to lose weight.

February 3, 2010. Pregnancy #4. 2 comments.