Number Game

Results of NT test:

Odds of genetic abnormality for my age: 1/490

Odds of wee-beastie having a genetic abnormality: 1/10,000

Very good odds.

The cost of dry-cleaing my coat: $18.00

The cost of having someone else steam-clean my car: $25.00

Showing up on your mom’s front porch covered in puke from head to toe because you just projectile-vomited in the front seat of your car?



February 5, 2010. Pregnancy #4.


  1. Yo-yo Mama replied:

    Those numbers couldn’t be better, could they. Well, the first set. The vomit related numbers? Yeah, those suck.

    Glad you’ve made it over this major hump. Don’t forget to enjoy the times you aren’t sicker than hell. Yes, I know. That can be hard.

  2. Sam replied:

    That’s a decent price to have the puke removed from your car! I am so sorry that you’re still heave-ho-ing

  3. ms planner replied:

    One more hurdle cleared. I am very happy to hear your news. Well, the news about the NT scan, not about the vomit part. Ewww. Let’s hope the latter part ends soon and you can breeze through the rest of your pregnancy!

  4. LT replied:

    Thats amazing news… the test results, not the dry cleaning bill. I hope your vomiting subsides soon and you can start to enjoy your pregnancy – you’ve certainly earned it!

  5. K replied:

    Hope you are feeling better!!! Question for you…how often do you use your Doppler? I have found conflicting info on how often they are safe to use. Just curious…thanks!

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