Where Was I?

Pregnancy brain is real.  As for the “magic” of the 2nd trimester — still puking, still nauseated, still losing weight and just barely showing — I am not convinced.  I am 25 weeks.

So much to write.  So little energy to do just about anything, especially things work-related.  The fatigue is relentless and it is all I can do to watch S.  It’s pretty pathetic, honestly.

I can feel her moving around a lot, which is very reassuring.  When she moves too much, I have a Braxton-Hicks contraction, which is not a cause for alarm, but is often uncomfortable.

What else is there to say?

Some random observations:

Pregnancy is much less dramatic the second time around.  I often forget how far along I am and have to look it up.

I am more confident in handling a newborn yet terrified as to how all this is going to work with a toddler around.

I am getting the epidural this time right from the start.  I don’t like pain.

I am just now starting to show and still losing weight, which is an odd combination.

I am looking forward to being out of the conception/pregnancy/birth lifestyle.  I am ready to put this phase of my life behind me and just focus on being a mom.

Where was I?


April 14, 2010. Pregnancy #4.

One Comment

  1. ms planner replied:

    The only reason I know how far along I am is that I try to use it as a countdown as for when I think I might not be so sick anymore.

    If I were saddled with HEG for my entire pregnancy, I’d be unconvinced as well.

    You are SUCH A TROOPER for managing this long being sick. I don’t know how you do it. Honestly. It is such a testament to your character.

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