Oh, Goodie

I flunked my one-hour glucose screen.  The cutoff was 140; I was 149.

Now I get to take the three-hour glucose test.  The problem with this test, aside from having to spend three hours in the lab, is that if you puke, you have to start the test all over again.   While pregnant, I am a puker.  Telling a puker NOT to puke is like telling someone telling you NOT to think about an elephant, because then elephants are all you think about.  A completely empty stomach usually means ralph-city for me; downing that nasty sweet drink and then continuing to eat nothing for three more hours is a recipe for disaster.

Last time, the nice ladies in the lab let me lay down in a back room and only woke me for the draws.  It was the only way I could keep the stuff down, and even then I was using Jedi-mind control to will myself not to vomit.

Oh, and I think my colitis is flaring again.  Either that or the antibiotic I took for bronchitis is still messing with my intestines.  I am downing copius amounts of probiotics, which are actually good for both conditions.

One thing at a time, though.


May 6, 2010. Colitis is Fun (Not), Pregnancy #4.


  1. Caro replied:

    Oh no. Sorry about that.

  2. Meredith replied:

    That really sucks. Mine was 150 and my midwife totally tried to scare the crap out of me about what would happen if I did have gestational diabetes (I’d have to give birth at a different hospital, would have to switch providers, risks to the baby, etc.), never bothering to mention how unlikely that was with a borderline test result like that. I was scared to death. Turns out, all the 3 hr test showed was that I’m very hypoglygemic, which I’ve known since I was 14.

    Good luck with the 3 hr draw. If you can’t sleep between draws, maybe you could bring something there that would help you to focus your mind on something else?

  3. Sarahthedoula replied:

    Maybe they’ll let you use jellybeans instead?


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