The Low Down

She-beastie is so low, it feels like I have a bowling ball between my legs all the time. It’s worse when I stand or sit, but I still feel her when I lay down.  I am carrying, once again, “low” and “small,” so I guess this pressure is not surprising.

I can barely get the Monistat applicator thingy in because my baginjo is so, er, short (is that the right word?).  And no, we are not having sex.  Everything feels swollen in my lady parts and this added pressure is just making it worse.  It’s also compressing my bladder, so I pee tiny amounts all day long.

She didn’t drop or anything; she has been really low the entire time.  I guess she just got big enough for me to feel it.

11 more weeks of this?

My mom said she carried my brother like this and the only thing that helped was swimming.  I also read on-line that you can use ice-packs or frozen vegetables to help numb the pain but that it will not take away the pressure.

Does anyone have any other ideas, short of spending the rest of my pregnancy doing handstands?


May 11, 2010. Pregnancy #4.


  1. liz replied:

    Lying down with pillows under your hips and thighs?

  2. Sarahthedoula replied:

    What about an abdominal binder / maternity support belt or brace / pregnancy girdle? It won’t move she-beastie, but by lifting and supporting your abdomen, she might be able to wiggle into a slightly less uncomfortable-for-you position??

  3. msplanner replied:

    Oh MC! Just catching up on your posts. I have been sick, too but not 28 weeks sick! Good Lord! I can’t remember if you delivered S early, but I’d be pushing for inducement at 36 weeks (it is when I delivered Missy and she scored a 9 on the Apgar). I mean, at the very least, it will give you 4 weeks less of the puking. Your situation makes me feel bad about complaining! Thinking of you and, yes, I too can’t wait until you are done being pregnant. I feel so bad for you!

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