Life’s Not Fair

It’s not fair that I had two miscarriages.

It’s not fair I had hyperemesis while pregnant with S.

It’s not fair that I have ulcerative colitis.

It’s not fair my dad killed himself 5 days after S was born, and that is mostly what I remember about S being a newborn.

None of it is fair.

So here I am in pregnancy #2.  Migraines.  Hyperemesis.  So not fair.

My colitis is now also flaring.

I finally had to admit today that this was getting really bad really fast.  (You’re welcome for not sharing the details.)  I was worried about nutrients anyway due to all the nausea/vomiting, but now that it is coming out the other end, too, I am trying not to freak out.  I am forcing down the prenatal vitamins (because I puke anyway, right?) and drinking Ensure, just hoping that something absorbs.

I had to start on Asacol and Prednisone (4-week taper) per my GI doctor, in addition to the probiotics and fiber I was already taking.  All of this is class “A” (i.e. fiber and probiotics) or “B” (Prednisone, I guess, is technically a “C” but my OB and GI told me they both think of it as a “B”), but I am so sick of swallowing handfuls of pills while pregnant.

I am 29.5 weeks so about 10ish weeks to go.

As long a she-beastie is okay, though, I can suck it up;  I just need for her to be okay.


May 14, 2010. Colitis is Fun (Not), Pregnancy #4.


  1. Kath replied:

    Dear MC, that sounds positively miserable. Problems at one end are quite enough, thank you. I hope you get better really, really quickly — and spontaneously — so you don’t have to take fistfuls of pills anymore. Ten weeks seems kinda long when you’re in that kind of state, I’m sure.

    Thinking of you and sending “hang in there” thoughts to you, and nutrient-laden thoughts to the little she-beastie, who is probably happily oblivious to your plight…

  2. Sam replied:

    Oh sweetie I am so sorry that life is sucking a huge donkey cock right now. I don’t have any annoying platitudes for you right now, I just hope things get easier.

  3. K@ourboxofrain replied:

    It sucks. It really does. I wish there was something I or anyone else could do to make it suck less, but it sounds like the doctors are doing everything they can. 😦 I hope things improve soon, that the Asacol and Prednisone help and that things get easier as soon as possible.

  4. niobe replied:

    Sigh. It isn’t fair. At least (and I know all sentences that start with “at least” make you (by which I mean me) all stabby and homicidal) it’s only another 10 weeks or so.

    I know. That didn’t help even a little.

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