Two Letters That Made Me Cry

Let me start by saying: I don’t have one.

But I went to the ER this afternoon because I couldn’t breathe (same cough/cold that I have had for the past 5 weeks that suddenly got worse) and the next thing I know, I am being told about how they are going to inject me with radioactive stuff so they can rule out a P.E. — a pulmonary embolism.  PEs are baaaaaaaad.  PEs are very baaaaaaaad.  Even though I am on blood thinners (Lovenox, baby aspirin), the fact that I was pregnant, having chest pain, and had a high heart rate meant I couldn’ t leave until they could rule this out.  Crying when you can’t breathe just makes things worse and the snot clogs up your oxygen tubes, but sometimes that is all you can do.

I honestly thought they were going to give me a breathing treatment and send me on my merry way.  I didn’t expect, several hours later, to learn about the half-life of inhaled radioactive gas (20 seconds) and the half-life of the stuff they injected through my IV (6 hours; does not cross the placental barrier).

I now have fancy new asthma medicine and another appointment with my doctor tomorrow at noon to follow up.

What I don’t have is a P.E.

If you will excuse me, I am now going to stuff my face with bad carbs.  Pizza is not on the ADA diet, but I think I have earned it.


May 26, 2010. Pregnancy #4.


  1. liz replied:

    Sending hugs and pizza.

  2. Megan replied:

    Oh no! How scary. So glad to hear that it was not a PE. Hope you are feeling better.

  3. The Preconceptionist replied:

    Glad you’re ok. Take care of yourself.

  4. Rachel replied:

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. msplanner replied:

    I hope the pizza was delicious! Sorry sorry sorry to hear about your “adventure.” Hang in there for just a few more weeks. I know you can endure. BUT, WOW, you poor sweetie!

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