Bitchfest: 35th-Week Edition

I am still having migraines, usually 2-3 per week.

I still throw up in the morning, usually 3-5 times per week.

I have awful sciatica, which means I can’t walk very far.  My lower back is either sore or in spasms.  I pee every hour.

I had to do the 3-hour glucose test this week.  My sugars are on the low end and I often feel lightheaded.  I flunked the test.  How can I have hypoglycemia and gestational diabetes?  I can not add in carbs but I need to increase my calories with more protein.

She-beastie is breech.  They can’t schedule a version until 7 July.  If I go into labor before that date, I have to have a c-section.  In the meantime, I am doing all I can (chiropractic, acupuncture, laying upside down) to encourage her to turn.

My house is a disaster.  We had construction done and the results looks fantastic (first floor laundry!) but the dust and dirt are everywhere.  I want to clean, but between the migraines, sciatica, and S, things are happening at a snail’s pace.  The cleaning ladies are coming for a “deep clean” next Wednesday but that means we have to de-clutter so they can actually clean stuff.

We went way over budget because the previous owners of our house did things on the cheap and we had to fix a bunch of important stuff, like plumbing and electrics.  It needed to be done, but we had to take it out of our savings.

I still have a ton of research/writing to do for work and almost no motivation to do it.

My brother got married last weekend.  I had to wear a purple maternity dress.  ( I think I will save for future dress-up play.)  The rest of the wedding party was blond, tan, and scary skinny.  I am none of those things.  It was an awkward fit.


All that being said, I still realize what a gift pregnancy is.  She’s breech, but she’s healthy.  I ache, but only because I have a baby within.  I had to do a non-stress test in the same room where I first found out my first pregnancy was non-viable.  I could feel my axiety increase as I stepped across the threshold, even though I had been in once before when I was pregnant with S.  This time, Mr. MC couldn’t come with me, so I was by myself and I was struck by my journey.  Before, my heart had broken in this room.  Now, I was listening to my baby’s heartbeat and marking her movements.  The nurse said her accellerations were “perfect;” before, the ultrasound tech could only tell me “there is no baby.”

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Right Side Up

… but she is supposed to be upside-down at 35 weeks.

She’s breech.

Of course.

Version scheduled for early next week at 36 weeks.

June 21, 2010. Pregnancy #4. 3 comments.

We Are Not Alone

Money, fame, and power can do many things, but they don’t shelter you from the pain of pregnancy/neo-natal loss.

An interesting link that lists famous (and infamous) women who have been through this pain.

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“… And There’s Something Hanging Out of My Butt.”

Did you ever see the movie For Keeps with Molly Ringwald and Randall Batinkoff?  It is from 1988 and is not a cinematic gem, but I distinctly remember one scene where Molly Ringwald’s character, Darcy, is complaining about being a pregnant teenager and at the very end of her monologue she says ” … AND there’s something hanging out of my butt.”  “Out of your butt?” asks her baby-daddy, Stan (Batinkoff).  “Sometimes pregnant women get, you know… , hemorrhoids.”

Mind you, I can remember almost nothing else from 1988, but this scene stuck with me.

And now I know why.  Because there is indeed something hanging out of my butt and, thanks to For Keeps, I know what it is — hemorrhoids.

You would think with all of my pooping issues that I might have had them before, but if I did, they were very mild.  Since starting on the steroids the hideous diarrhea has abated only to be replaced by hideous constipation and I have discovered that neither extreme is pleasant.

I went to Target and bought enough witchhazel pads and Preparation H to soothe my sore tushie for several months.  Supposedly, most hemorrhoids go away on their own eventually but often get worse in the postpartum period due to pushing during delivery.

Worse?  Crap.

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