Bitchfest: 35th-Week Edition

I am still having migraines, usually 2-3 per week.

I still throw up in the morning, usually 3-5 times per week.

I have awful sciatica, which means I can’t walk very far.  My lower back is either sore or in spasms.  I pee every hour.

I had to do the 3-hour glucose test this week.  My sugars are on the low end and I often feel lightheaded.  I flunked the test.  How can I have hypoglycemia and gestational diabetes?  I can not add in carbs but I need to increase my calories with more protein.

She-beastie is breech.  They can’t schedule a version until 7 July.  If I go into labor before that date, I have to have a c-section.  In the meantime, I am doing all I can (chiropractic, acupuncture, laying upside down) to encourage her to turn.

My house is a disaster.  We had construction done and the results looks fantastic (first floor laundry!) but the dust and dirt are everywhere.  I want to clean, but between the migraines, sciatica, and S, things are happening at a snail’s pace.  The cleaning ladies are coming for a “deep clean” next Wednesday but that means we have to de-clutter so they can actually clean stuff.

We went way over budget because the previous owners of our house did things on the cheap and we had to fix a bunch of important stuff, like plumbing and electrics.  It needed to be done, but we had to take it out of our savings.

I still have a ton of research/writing to do for work and almost no motivation to do it.

My brother got married last weekend.  I had to wear a purple maternity dress.  ( I think I will save for future dress-up play.)  The rest of the wedding party was blond, tan, and scary skinny.  I am none of those things.  It was an awkward fit.


All that being said, I still realize what a gift pregnancy is.  She’s breech, but she’s healthy.  I ache, but only because I have a baby within.  I had to do a non-stress test in the same room where I first found out my first pregnancy was non-viable.  I could feel my axiety increase as I stepped across the threshold, even though I had been in once before when I was pregnant with S.  This time, Mr. MC couldn’t come with me, so I was by myself and I was struck by my journey.  Before, my heart had broken in this room.  Now, I was listening to my baby’s heartbeat and marking her movements.  The nurse said her accellerations were “perfect;” before, the ultrasound tech could only tell me “there is no baby.”


June 25, 2010. Miscarriage #1, Pregnancy #4.


  1. The Preconceptionist replied:

    You’re so close! Hang in there. Have you picked out a name yet? I don’t remember reading it, but I’m new here so you may have already shared.

  2. msplanner replied:

    You are in the home stretch, sister! And then you never have to be pregnant and have hyperemisis or have miscarriages or any of that nasty stuff EVER AGAIN. Managing a toddler and a newborn will be a cake walk after all you have been through. I know you can do it. Go easy on yourself, okay?

  3. Sam replied:

    OMGCONGRATS!!! She’s beautiful, I’m so happy for you.

  4. Sam replied:

    Also, she has awesomely long toes. NOM.

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