The Magnificent Baby E

Born 6/28/10 at 4:31AM at 36 weeks via c-section.

5lbs. 8 ozs. / 18.5″ long


July 6, 2010. The Magnificent Baby E.


  1. liz replied:

    Adorable!!! Look at that little FACE!!!

  2. Kath replied:

    Oh, MC, I know I’m coming late to the party but what a party it is! What wonderful, wonderful news!!! Congratulations on this perfect little girl and this perfect start! So glad the happiness is there in full force, so glad the breastfeeding is going well, so glad the pain and misery are over and that even that awful hyperemesis had an upside!

  3. msplanner replied:

    Oh wow! Another late-to-the-party commenter but I am so thrilled that Baby E has arrived, that you (and she) are breastfeeding like the champs you are. It also must feel wonderful to not be sick! Although bummer about the teeth (I have read that this is a side-effect of hyperemisis and I am scared to go to my dentist!).

    I am so proud that you made it through all of the trials and now can celebrate the well-earned beautiful post-partum bonding time as a family of 4. Your story gives me so much hope.

  4. Momma Mary replied:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy that everything post-partum is working out simpler for the second than the first. She is absolutely beautiful. 🙂

  5. Judith replied:

    What a beauty!

  6. A replied:

    CONGRATS! A belated congrats, the baby is gorgeous! Hope the wee yeasties ease up soon 🙂 X


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