Wee Yeasties

Once again, I have a yeast infection in both of my breasts.  It is very, very painful.  I guess the antibiotics they give you during the c-section can cause the overgrowth of the yeast.  Baby E is also on an antibiotic for a clogged tear duct that became infected, so between the two of us, it is not surprising this happened.

If you have never had one, imagine someone pouring battery acid into your nipples and then shoving shards of glass into the rest of your breast.  It is worse during let down and then continues to burn for hours after the feeding.  I have to rewash all my nursing bras in hot water and hang them in the sun to dry so I don’t reinfect myself.

I am on oral Diflucan and I have to wash my nipples with vinegar and rub Monistat on them after every feeding.  Baby E has to take Nystatin after every feeding and she really doesn’t like the taste.  Poor girl.

Let it never be said I am not committed to breastfeeding.

July 10, 2010. Other Sucky Things, The Magnificent Baby E.


  1. Judith replied:

    I have to say you paint the most realistic picture of pregnancy. Wow. Wow. Wow. If I join you in the baby production venture, I feel like I’ll have a much better understanding of what actually happens.

  2. Rachel replied:


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