Skirmishes at the Front

The war with the wee yeasties is over, but there are still skirmishes at the front.  Two 14-day courses of Diflucan for Baby E and three 14-day courses for me were required to get rid of the initial infection.  Just to avoid this whole mess again, I am going on a maintenance dose of Diflucan (after a liver test) for the next few months.  I can finally nurse without being in excruciating pain, which is a huge relief.

I managed — through “clenching and grinding” — to crack one of my back molars.  I did the same thing after S was born, only I cracked a filling and not a tooth, although I still ended up with a root canal.  This time my dentist applied a temporary crown and I am waiting a week to see if the pain goes away.  If so, I avoid a root canal; if the pain persists, off to the endodontist I go.   I also bought a new night guard, one that doesn’t make me gag.

I am slowly emerging from the sleep-deprivation haze, which means I can finally start to formulate complete sentences and return to blogland.


September 8, 2010. The Magnificent Baby E.


  1. sam replied:

    We’re ttc and I am terrified of the possibility of the wee yeasties. Glad to see you back!

  2. liz replied:

    Welcome back!

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