Bitch, Please

Remember my “friend” from Facebook who announced her pregnancy on FB before her first u/s?

She just announced her second pregnancy.

She is 4 weeks / 4 days pregnant.  (I did a “reverse” look up calculation based on the due date she gave.)

She is clearly a MORON.  I hate her for being so stupidly optimistic.  I don’t wish miscarriage on her, but doesn’t she even THINK about it?  That it MIGHT happen to her?  Who has this kind of hubris?

Bitch, please.


September 22, 2010. Stupid Is As Stupid Does.


  1. Nora replied:

    My wife and I have a double-digit case file at our now-busy REs office, we’ve been going there so long. I just went public w/ my due date when any sane person would, the day after I passed my amnio at 19 weeks. I learned the hard way not to go public until the fetus gets its PhD in prenatal testing. I don’t wish bad things on those optimistic hapless folks, but damn.

  2. Belinda replied:

    Oh just leave the poor woman alone! She might be a little premature in making the announcement but that is her decision and her right to do so.

  3. caro replied:

    OMG. One of my newish colleagues did this to me – kind of understandable since she wanted advice (we work occasionally with chemicals) and I’m pregnant at the moment. BUT I had a hard time not being negative based on my experience.

  4. Judith replied:

    I had a FB friend announce early too. Except she acknowledged it was early (not as early as your friend, maybe 2 mo?) and she’d appreciate support even if things didn’t work out as planned.

  5. msplanner replied:

    Yet another reason to stay off FB 🙂

  6. alice replied:

    I guess that’s a good point – some people want the support if it doesn’t work out . . . so, maybe that’s why they announced so early – but I think most people would tell their closest friends, not everyone on facebook.

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